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Antonia (adf7793) | 192 comments Mod
Here are a list of mutational powers that have already been claimed, if they are on this list they may not be duplicated.

Please Note: Just because your character is on this list does not mean that he/she has been accepted! (view spoiler)

1.Brielle Moore- Force-fields (view spoiler)
2.Grayson Deliwitz- Weather Control (view spoiler)
3.Rhyia Carden- Mind Manipulation (view spoiler)
4.Colton Hughes- Empath (view spoiler)
5. TBD- Pheromone Manipulation

1.Cornelia Elizabeth Hawthorne- Energy Projection (view spoiler)
2.Ace Callahan Hawthorne- Density Control (view spoiler)
3.Calvin Alexander Hamilton- Duplication (view spoiler)
4.Damian Theodore Balfour- Super Strength (view spoiler)
5. TBA- Metal Manipulation (view spoiler)

1.Morticia Casketine Alma Celeste Marquise Graves- Necromancer (view spoiler)

1.Christopher Derek Harper- Invisibility/Phasing (view spoiler)

1.Genevieve Maxine Sully- Invulnerability (view spoiler)

1.Calliope Iridescent Albraeus- Kinetic Absorption (view spoiler)

1.Amaryllis Falcon- Flight and Ultra-Vision (view spoiler)
2.Troy Katana- Power Copying (view spoiler)
3.Kayla Ashen (Cousin of Troy Katana)- Excrete flammable or toxic gas from pores at will and set it on fire to create a large explosion if need be (Kayl is also immune to the fire)

1.Blu Swanson- With a simple touch, Blu can see into a person's past.
2.Griff Swanson- With a simple touch, Griff can see into a person's future.

1.Jane Marie Clarke- Light manipulation (view spoiler)
2.Bree Arden Brooke- Bree has the ability to control all air and wind forces.(view spoiler)
3.Jonathan Cain Wolfe

1.Désirée Angèle Noblet- She's able heal or inflict wounds through touch.(view spoiler)

1.Daniella Alison Dilaurentis- Teleport Control(view spoiler)
2.Annamarie Bethany Dilaurentis- Wild Magic(view spoiler)
3.Danny Tristan Dilaurentis- Regeneration(view spoiler)
4.Carlos Daniel Sanchez Tapia- Camouflage
5.Rosella Maya Tapia- Frail (view spoiler)

1. Nathaniel Alexander Jermaine- Can control the element of Fire.

1.Fina Perzsi Grady- Illusion(view spoiler)

1.Widad Wise- Wallcrawling(view spoiler)

1.Alexander Caleb Stockton- Time Manipulation (view spoiler)

{~*ЇÐℰℱẎṧℴ¢ḯεтƴ *~}
1.Luke Isaac Asher- Electric Manipulation(view spoiler)

1.Michaelangelo Marconi Lanchester- Echolocation

1.Faren Dark- Can manipulate any type of earth elements.

1.Natashka Valeriya Aksakov- Elasticity (view spoiler)

1.Sapphire Gates- Animation(view spoiler)
2.Derek Frost- FREEZE VISION(view spoiler)

1.Pierce Wright- Hemokinesis(view spoiler)
1.Taryn Eichel- Pending...

1.Ailith Dewayne- Shadow Matter(view spoiler)

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Antonia (adf7793) | 192 comments Mod

Under this line is characters with the same or similar powers...they might have to be edited/changed.

{Sea} {Posted First}
2.Neliet- Extreme Calculation (view spoiler)

1.Melody Rose Everson- Precognition (view spoiler)


{Paige} {Posted First}
1.Shukura Laiou- The ability to control mostly anything with her mind...(view spoiler)

1.Caia Carmelita Domencia- Telekinesis(view spoiler)


{Jonathan/Felix} {Posted First}
1.Felix Otono William- Control of the element of Water.

1.Taylor Niccole McKay- Can control all forces of water. Ice, Steam, Water.


{Flying Rainbow Kitteh} {Posted First}
1.Autumn Dawn- Shifting into any animal.

1.Annabelle- Shifts into animals, creatures, humans,etc.

1.Jonathan Cain Wolfe- Shapeshifting/Tiger Only(view spoiler)

1.Annmarie James Naill- Annmarie has a special talent, in the category of shapeshifting.(view spoiler)

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Antonia (adf7793) | 192 comments Mod


If I have missed anyone please let me know...

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Antonia (adf7793) | 192 comments Mod
After quite a few messages asking for this group to become active again, I have decided to working on a reboot. It's currently a public group but it's under construction. We would love to have you all join us there, old characters and new characters are more than welcome.


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