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Heir of Novron (The Riyria Revelations, #5-6)
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June 2013 - Heir of Novron > Heir of Novron - Book 6 - Chapters 26-29 (End)

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Kristina (spaz_girl) Here is where we can discuss Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan, book 6, chapters 26-29 or any other area of this book.

Becky (beaktastic) | 86 comments So, I finished this last night. OMG. Is all I can say.

I'd kinda guessed that Royce would be the Heir. I remember thinking it back in Emerald Storm, then I dismissed/forgot about it until Sullivan emphasised how Arcadius had brought Hadrian and Royce together and how it was important, and then of course Royce controlled Gilly and it was revealed Novron was an elf and it all just clicked. I thought it was a nice twist. I didn't think it was obvious from book 1 which was nice.

I also did NOT see the Patriarch being an elf or that Mercy would be Mercedes and be Royce's daughter. Nice surprises!

What did people think of the ending bit with "Nimbus" and the feather? I'm a little on the fence but I thought it was a nice touch and made me smile.

I can't wait to read the Crown Tower now!

Gene I am really curious: who figured out the identity of Nimbus before it was revealed? I really did not see it coming.

Becky (beaktastic) | 86 comments I did not at all. To be honest, I hadn't even given much thought to Nimbus' origins. I mean, it was commented on a few times that there was more to him and he was very intelligent but had no aspirations to be in control of the empire, but I hadn't thought much beyond that. And I certainly never guessed that he would be Kile/Erebus.

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Kaora (ophelja) I loved the Nimbus ending. It just added to the whole feel of the book. It had so many events that were significant but you easily overlooked and the story of the feathers was one of them. I ADORE those kinds of books.

Becky (beaktastic) | 86 comments Same! I know the story was mentioned several times about Kile and the feathers but I always just took it as world building and stuff and never really paid attention... then it happened at the end! It was great.

Daniela (danielapereira) | 23 comments I totally did not expect about Nimbus, it was a great surprise! Of course he was extraordinary in what he did, but it never occurred to me he could possibly be Kile/Erebus.

I suspected Royce could be the heir at the end of Nyphron Rising during the conversation between Arcadius and Degan's sister - where Arcadius said something about Royce and Hadrian could never know the truth. And I loved the idea of Royce being the heir, considering his whole past.

I enjoyed the whole series very much. I kept on falling in love with Hadrian every page I turned. I loved the evolution of both Arista and Modina. But I was so sad about Alric! Looking very much forward to reading the Crown Tower :)

Kristina (spaz_girl) Loved!
Can't wait to read his next series in a few months!

I loved the Nimbus twist at the end too. It was the one thing that caught me 100% off guard. Funny, I just remembered that they mentioned a couple of times, "Do you know the origin of the name?" I bet that should have clued us in. Hahaha

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments Thanks all - for reading the book - if you ever do a re-read I suspect you'll see some things in a new light. One of my wife's favorite comes when Amelia and Nimbus are conversing and she says, "Don't you believe in the Gods Nimbus?" And he replies, "Yes, I do. I'm just not sure they believe in me."


Thanks for reading along together and for enjoying the series.

Drake (drake2484) Thank you for following along with us and most importantly, writing the books!

I'm looking forward to reading the Crown Tower. I received it Thursday in the mail and it's the book I'm reading after I finish my current book. So excited!

Daniela (danielapereira) | 23 comments Thank you Michael for writing such an amazing and fun series to read! I've already started reading The Crown Tower, couldn't wait any longer :)

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments @Drake - nice! I'm glad you are excited about it.

@Daniela - well thanks so much for reading - it wouldn't be 1/2 so fun without hearing from people like you. Have fun with The Crown Tower!

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