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Do you think there will be a sequel?

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Jillian Why or why not? and do you want there to be one?

Angeline Joseph I would love for another book but you know Stephenie, she's not a reliable author. So I don't see the point of holding excitement now when there might not be another book to start with.

Olivia There is going to be another one, its called The Seeker.

Clive Hendelson Nah.

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Kay Causer Jharice wrote: "Supposedly this is supposed to be a trilogy, with Seeker being the second book. However, at the moment, it seems like Meyer has a lot of projects on her plate.

In addition to several film projects..."

That Adam and Eve thing must be fake. I just looked it up and could only find one page about it and that was posted on April 1st.

She does keep mentioning different ideas though. She said she had a ghost story called 'summer house' on the go at one point, an idea about mermaids, some fantasy world with magic in it, a time travelling novel and the two Host sequels, not to mention possible Twilght stories about the Cullens or Jacob/Nessie.

What's weird to me is that she once said the sequel to The Host was almost finished but years later she's just starting it?

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Kaelyn I sooooo hope theres a sequel!!!!

Amanda I don't know if I want The Host to have a sequel or not.

Vail I'm happy for once letting this one end how it did. I have a high opinion of this book and I can't say the same for the rest of Meyer's work.

Allie Honestly, I think that The Host would be fine as a stand-alone. She had planned it to be a trilogy- The Seeker being the second and The Soul being the third (this is what I heard but I'm not positive).

I highly doubt that either of them will be out anytime soon. She's working with a lot of movie stuff right now. Though she admitted that the outlines were done (like over 50 pages for each actually), who knows if she'll actually put them out?

Rachel I think that there was a second book that was still supposed to come out when she finished the Host. I just finished reading it earlier today, and the epilogue, though they usually clear up a few more things that happened in a book, only brought up more questions in the Host. How can Stephanie Meyer leave fans hanging on the wire if what will happen to those souls that help humans? How many are out there like Wanderer and Burns Living Flowers? I just don't see how it could be left alone and satisfy the majority of readers. Whether the Seeker is still planned for release now or not, I don't know, but I really hope it is!

Sarah Yeah, it's supposed to be a trilogy.

Michelle I hope so. I really really hope that there will be a sequel.

Jiaxin I would love a sequel. BUT its been said that theres gonna be a sequel for years now so you just dont know.

Kimberly I sure hope not. I know this might be an unpopular thought but the book was awful!

Jiaxin Kimberly wrote "I sure hope not. I know this might be an unpopular thought but the book was awful!"

Hahaha it took me three times to actually finish the book, and the third time i read it was because i watched the movie.

Euraylie I honestly think she only would have written a sequel if the movie had been a box office success and The Host would have therefore proven to be a viable franchise.
While some questions were left unanswered, I like the sort of open ending that we got.
For me, this story was all about Wanda and Mel and their unique situation. It just wouldn't be the same in a sequel.

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Sian Ellis I really hope so such a good read

Denisse Herrera NO! It's perfect this way

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Lei Miralles I wish. I want to see more of Ian and Wanda! :))

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Gabby There is (of course, that's if Meyer doesn't hand over the rights to a different company...oh, yeah, she already did do that) going to be one, but I think we'll all kick the bucket before that happens.

The Seeker, The Soul

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Mikayla i read in a magazine that she said she already had 50 pages of an outline to the seeker

Daisy97 Zajicek I really hope so! I loved The Host!

Laura maybe probably with all new people

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I think it would be pretty cool if she wrote a sequel. The Host ended wonderfully so she wouldn't have to write a sequel but it would be cool to!!!

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K.E. Nowinsky I think how it was left could go either way. It would be exciting to read a sequel, but I don't think it will be coming anytime soon.

Danielle I would love to see a sequel to this story and I am definitely a Stephanie Meyer fan

Cesar Gatica I believe there actually is a sequel coming out. Not sure when but I have definitely heard it somewhere. Either way I cannot wait for it.

Random question: Am I the only one who admires Ian for falling in love with an actual soul and mind rather than the physical aspect of a person. Is that not true love? A longing without lust of any form? That's my own opinion anyone is allowed to agree or disagree with it.


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I agree with you!!!

Cesar Gatica YES!! Thank you! No one ever agrees with me, they all like Jared better

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Well he seems like a butthole to Wanda in the book....

Cesar Gatica He is! well so is Ian in the beginning but he totally changes to the point where he threatens his own brother. Have you seen the movie?

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No... But I want too.... And I have to wait tell July 9th... But yeah Ian does change and that's good..

Cesar Gatica That stinks! well when you do see it, I won't tell you who because i don't want to ruin it for you, but one character looks exactly like Barrack Obama!

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Haha.... That's funny... I can't wait to see it:) haha

Cesar Gatica Let me know what you think when you do

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Okay I will:)

Danielle I can't wait to watch the movie.I liked Ian better than Jared too.

Cesar Gatica Thumps up to Danielle !!

Allie oh my gosh I loved Ian because he loved Wanda for who she was! I thought that it was really sweet and had a great moral. I saw the movie and thought that the character development of Ian was great :)

Maddie Meyer Cesar wrote: "I believe there actually is a sequel coming out. Not sure when but I have definitely heard it somewhere. Either way I cannot wait for it.

Random question: Am I the only one who admires Ian for fa..."

Seriously, Ian is like my favorie character in the book, who couldn't love him?

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Atia Well I didn't really like the book, so doesn't matter for me. But keeping my hopes up for all those who like it! :)

Gabby Cesar wrote: "I believe there actually is a sequel coming out. Not sure when but I have definitely heard it somewhere. Either way I cannot wait for it.

Random question: Am I the only one who admires Ian for fa..."

IAN FOREVER!!! I could just never relate with Jared...

Bella Cennato Meyer's has said she is writing a sequel. I thought the book was well positioned for that...let's hope she does less exploring of the "love relationships" and more of the social implications of humanities impact upon the souls. How do you maintain your society with millions of years of strong biology acting upon your body and mind, or ...can you give up your biological child to be a host? Soooo many avenues to explore. If I were a talented writer...humans and souls could evolve into an epic many paths to go down.

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Agus. La historia terminó bien, creo que una secuela sería pesada.

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