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Adding New Books > please combine/I seem to have multiple author pages

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message 1: by W.R. (new)

W.R. Pursche (wrpursche) | 2 comments For some reason (probably a mistake I made somewhere!), the different ISBN's of my books don't all show up on my author page. All these comments relate to "The Canine Commandments" book

This page correctly shows 2 versions of the book,

ISBN 0975379348 (paperback)

ISBN 097537933x (hardcover, although the cover image is missing)

But the 13 digit ISBN of the same book, which is the one on people's shelves and that I used in the giveaway, do not show up. Instead, they show the same author name, but are not on my author page.

This is : ISBN13 9780975379349 (paperback)

I've tried to 'combine' but that option is not available.

If possible it would be great if the 9 digit and 13 digit paperback ISBN version could be combined.

Thank you!

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42468 comments Mod

When manually adding books, please keep in mind that your author name must match EXACTLY, including no space between your initials.

message 3: by W.R. (new)

W.R. Pursche (wrpursche) | 2 comments Thanks so much! I bet that is what I did wrong.
I really appreciate it!

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