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[ <.b>Name:<./b> ]
[ <.b>Age<./b> ]
[ <.b>Gender<./b> ]

[ <.b>Royal/Famous Ascendant<./b> ]
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Name: Cecilia Jones
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Royal/Famous Ascendant: Lucille Ball
Habits/Preferences: She hates 'idiotic' and 'gossipy' girls and prefers to be put with someone that likes music, movies and gummy bears.

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Name: Callista Houdini
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Royal/Famous Ascendant: Harry Houdini
Habits/Prefrences: Callista doesn't want to room with anyone who is annoyingly clingy. She would prefer to have a room mate who leaves her alone. She tends to talk in her sleep...

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[ Name: ] Mercedes van Belisle
[ Age ] 16
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Leonardo da Vinci
[ Habits/Preferences ] Mercy doesn't really have any special requirements, but prefers a room mate who will be friendly and talkative to her.

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[ Name: ] Calandre Ros Tomas-Martinez
[ Age ] 16
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Francisco Goya
[ Habits/Preferences ] Cal wouldn't mind a roommate who likes to talk, though she tends to like long hours to herself just to think on somedays. Also, she wouldn't mind being able to relax and just talk with them, so if her roommate is in for some deep conversations it would make her day.

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Please apply Francisco in the boy dormitories.

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Oh sorry. I guess I missed the boy dormitories?

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 78 comments [ Name ] Melisande Cécile Bellamy
[ Age ] Seventeen
[ Gender ] Feminine ♀

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Frédéric François Chopin
[ Habits/Preferences ] She prefers somebody who is not messy and wouldn't mind her OCD habits. Mel also prefers somebody who has a like in music and wouldn't mind listening to her muffled hums of music at late night.

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[ Name: ] Sierra Philopator/Kitana
[ Age ] 15
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator
[ Habits/Preferences ] She's very arrogant and kind of brags a lot, so she shouldn't be partnered with someone who can't take all that talking. But she's very neat because she doesn't have much to throw about.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 78 comments [ Name: ] Jessamae Holt
[ Age ] Seventeen (17)
[ Gender ] Feminine

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Etta James
[ Habits/Preferences ] She doesn't care so long as they don't mind a few rants or full blown rages here and there.

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[ Name: ] Luciana Rille Gabriele Bach
[ Age ] 17
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Johann Sebastian Bach
[ Habits/Preferences ] She has to keep things organized, that just one thing about her. If the room is untidy she will clean it. Also, she may need to be left alone for hours at a time to write and compose music in her head before she puts it to paper.

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soleil (solxilx) [ Name: ] Jessi Hayes
[ Age ] 15
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Romulus and Remus
[ Habits/Preferences ] Jesii's personality is...interesting. She is quirky and unique, and she likes that about herself. She is kind to anyone and everyone, no matter what they have done to her. She is sweet and kind. Jesii is also very outspoken and energetic, and is willing to try anything that is thrown at her. She never gets shy, but is really good at keeping secrets, whatever they are. She thinks she's kind of a hipster, and likes to keep it that was, saying what she wants and dressing how she likes. Jesii is loyal and friendly, and would make an awesome friend ("or girlfriend, hint hint!"). Jessi is also very intelligent, likes to read whenever she can, and tries to do well in anything she does. When she was a kid, she battled bullies, so she has learnt to always stand up for yourself and others. Overall, Jessi's personality is really awesome, but some aspects steer people away from her.

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hey, it's layne. [ Name: ] Annelise Austen
[ Age ] 17
[ Gender ] Feminine

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Jane Austen
[ Habits/Preferences ]
Annelise doesn't have any issues with anyone or anything, but she does tend to prefer her privacy over everything.


[ Name: ] Vera Hsu
[ Age ] 16
[ Gender ] Feminine

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Hua Mulan
[ Habits/Preferences ]
Vera is a infinitively quiet soul at nature. She doesn't like a lot of pessimism and prefers to be on her own if all means possible. Really, as long as you're quiet and respectful she won't have a problem. Beware, she does have a temper.

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soleil (solxilx) [ Name: ] Anni Etoile Frank
[ Age ] 13
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Anne Frank
[ Habits/Preferences ] Anni is the classic extrovert. She is outgoing, fun-loving, irreverent, somewhat argumentative, and always up for offbeat or crazy schemes. She is fearless to a fault, telling people exactly what she thought of them. Anni is also very bright, and finds reading and writing very entertaining. She enjoys life, and is always optimistic, no matter what.

[ Likes ]

✔ Writing
"If we don't write it down now, how can we look back at it in the future?"
Anni tries to keep a diary every say, and loves writing fictional stories.

✔ Friends
"Friends are something that keeps us alive in this lonely, messed up world."
Anni's friends and family mean the world to her, and she would do anything for them.

✔ Love
"Love is so important. Having people close to you is as important as breathing."
Anni tries to like everyone she sees and love everyone she can. She also really would like a boyfriend.

[ Dislikes ]

✖ Being alone
"If you're alone, and locked out from the have nothing to rely on. I think I would go mad."
Anni can't stand being alone, and she needs to have friends by her side 24/7

✖Dumb people
"Dumb people just do not get anything you say, no matter what you do!"
Anni hates people who don't really have any brains. This is where her shallow and hateful side comes out.

✖ Fighting
"Why can't everyone just be nice to eachother?!"
Anni can't stand it when people fight. She always has to be the one keeping the peace, and thinks herself as a dog breaking up a cat figh

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[ Name: ] Hessa Karim
[ Age ] 16
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Queen Mavia
[ Habits/Preferences ]
Many people may consider Hessa to be a rude person, but she doesn't care much. She just speaks her mind and will defend what she thinks to the bitter end. She is extremely stubborn and very loyal. Despite her outspoken personality, Hessa is often a quiet girl and doesn't like too much noise. Someone quiet, sophisticated, and easy to get along with would be fantastic as a roommate for her.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) [ Name: ]Katharina Sophia Mozart
[ Age ] 17
[ Gender ] Female

[ Royal/Famous Ascendant ] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
[ Habits/Preferences ] She loves music so it would be nice to have someone who loves it too and who doesn't mind it when she would play. She's talkative and not shy, so she would like to be with a person who likes to talk as well. She has a strong will and is very stubborn.

✥Toяia✥ Їт dоё₴ иот dо то dшёll ои dяёaм$ aпd fояgєт то lїvё. (Tori7841) | 1 comments Name
Anna-marie Monroe
Royal/Famous Family Ascendant
Marylin Monroe
Anna-Maria is very friendly can could get along with just about anyone, she enjoys listening to music and she plays the piano (not professionally). Her talent is acting so she needs a roommate who won't mind listening to a few scripts once in a while.
She sleep talks and/or walks sometimes, a bell is put on her ankle if problem consists.

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