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Poor Dash

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Cat I just started to read Elizabeth Boyle's books and after reading "This Rake of Mine", I was very intrigued with Dash and Pippin. Since I already have some of the newer books, I skimmed through the books looking for the Dash and Pippin storyline. By the end of the Black Gown, I was so disappointed and sadden that Dash and Pippin will not get their HEA . I don't have the Red Dress yet, but read the chapters on the HarperCollins site. I understand why Pippin did what she did in the Black Gown. She is quite happy and content with her choice. But, I feel for twenty years of regret and misery. Granted, I didn't read Letter from the Duke and the Black Gown, just skimmed though it. I may come to feel Dash deserves his misery. But, right now, I feel so depress with theis book. Anyone feel the same?

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OMG I felt the same way, but the truth is the story comes full circle when you read thier story its so good!

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