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Alexxa walked out of her dorm and towards the coffee cart near her building

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Alexxa looked at Amy, "Hi." she said

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Alexxa shrugged, "Nothing really." she said, "I'm headed to Greek Road to sign up for Rush Week."

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jason was a junior and he just walked out of his fraternity house and walked into the coffe cart when he saw a very beautiful girl.

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"Not sure yet." Alexxa said, "Which ones are good?"

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"Let me guess, your in it." ALexxa said

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jason got his coffee and sat down at a table and started to study

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Alexxa smiled, "I was going to sign up for Alpha Zeta Beta anyway." she said, "My older sister was in it two years ago."

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((psh what ever.))

Alexxa nodded then turned to order her coffee

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jason was having a hard time studing hearing the really beautiful girl luagh.

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After she got her coffee she sat at a table near Jason

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jason smiled at alexxa

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Alexxa smiled back and took out her Human Geo book

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((if you want))

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jason got up and walked up to her."hey im jason"

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Alexxa smiled, "I'm Alexxa." she said

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"your in human geography? what period?"

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"I have it third." Alexxa said, "Why you in it?"

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"cool. yeah i am. i have it third too. i didnt see you in it." jason said taking a sit next to her

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"I usually sit near the back." Alexxa said

Damn he's hot. she thought

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"oh okay. well i was just wondereing but would you like to study together sometime?" jason asked

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Alexxa nodded, "Yeah sure." she said

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"hey amy/" jason smiled at her

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Alexxa sipped her coffee

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"cool." jason said to alexxa. he turned to amy
"their cool. still hyped about our win but they cant wait till friday for our big game, u girls coming?" jason asked

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"cool" jason smiled and turned to alexxa

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Alexxa smiled, "Umm what game?" she asked

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"the football game." jason replied

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"Oh right." Alexxa said, "I might go."

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"cool, so when would be a good time to set up our study date?" jason asked

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"I don't know." Alexxa said, "It's Rush week so...I don't know when I'll be free."

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"You too." Alexxa said

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"see ya later amy!" Jason smiled
"o okay well...um when ever you want just give me a call."

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Alexxa smiled, "Well I'd need your number first." she said

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

jason smiled."o yeah..." he said as he wrote it down on her hand.

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Alexxa grinned, "Want mine?" she asked

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jason smiled. "but of course."

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Alexxa wrote her number down on his hand

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jason smiled. "i will be waiting for your call." jason wonked

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Alexxa smiled, "Okay." she said

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jason got up and went back to his table got his stuff and walked back over to her table, "well see ya third period." he smiled

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jason got up and went back to his table got his stuff and walked back over to her table, "well see ya third period." he smiled

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Alexxa nodded, "Yeah see ya." she said gathering her stuff

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jason smiled and walked out to the PAC he had his musioc class

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Alexxa left the cafe and walked to the Science building

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jason got his guitar out and started to finish his new song

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Alexxa took out her laptop and started to take notes on the lecture

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

jason was writing then stop becuase a new song came to him

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