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this is where you chat! have fun!

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) yay!! i love vampires and red velvet cake!!!!!

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PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) i like milk too!!! what are some other vamp books you read?

message 7: by Justin (new)

Justin (justjustin) o.o

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i'v read Twilight series, Morganville vamps series, Dead is the New Black and alot more!!! what vamp bppks have you read?

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) Just-in!!! yay!! you is back!!

House of night
night world
suck it up
blue bloods
vampire knight
i think that is it...

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yea! i read House of Night too! im reading Hunted right now!!!

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) YAY!! do you want to join my house of night rp?

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SURE!!! can you invite me though???!!!

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awesomeest vamp book :twilgiht.

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kewl group :)

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) Thank you! did you join?

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i cant find it!!!

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yeah i did :)

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Bella Cullen wrote: "i cant find it!!!"

click the link!

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) AHH!! you both have the same pic!!

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oh... nvrmd

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) YAY!!! YOU BOTH JOINED!!!

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♥Jenny♥ Hi!

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Justin (justjustin) look is it a plane? NO
is it a donkey? NO
is it a train? NO

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) ............. no comment...............

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♥Jenny♥ lol

message 30: by Justin (new)

Justin (justjustin) >:D
ill getcha...

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♥Jenny♥ I'm so bored right now...

message 32: by Justin (new)

Justin (justjustin) GERIATRICPHOBIA!
im scared of old people?

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) ME TOO!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

message 34: by Justin (new)

Justin (justjustin) -;- kewl.

message 35: by Drake (new)

Drake Dude a really good vamp book is Cirque Du Freak series Its really good!!!!

message 36: by Drake (new)

Drake Iv read the 4th book only not the 1st,2nd,or 3rd book

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) I RESD THE FIRST AND SECOND ONE AND AM TRYING TO GET THE NEXT ONE!!! the second one scared me a little.

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Drake which book?

message 39: by Justin (new)

Justin (justjustin) I finished cirque series I hate the ending I won't ruin it for you guys and i know you'll hate it.

message 40: by Drake (new)

Drake Im guessing that Darren i right???

message 41: by Justin (new)

Justin (justjustin) yea.
and so does steve and the milk man and the burglar and the burger king mascot thingy.
but darren does die but its the stupidest way.

message 42: by Drake (new)

Drake o.o NUUUUUU WHY DOES HE DIE DX waaaaa I <3 Darren hes so cute >w<.....

PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) AAAHHHH!! STOP IT!!! I"M ONLY ON THE SECOND DARREN SHAN BOOK!!!

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♥Jenny♥ hey guys, If you don't mind, can you take a look at these stories. Their really quite good and vote!


message 45: by Drake (new)

Drake I will :3

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