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silverback ran into the camp and skidded to a stop in front of Dovewish. "Oops. Sorry. g'morning dovewish."

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Blindweed watched the cats curiously from his perch on a branch.

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silverback trotted to the bottom of the tree and looked up at blindweed. "You gonna stay up there all morning or what?"

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"Of course."Blindweed leaped down and pinned Silverback.

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"Hey!" Silverback wrestled her way on top and bit Blindweed's ears playfully.

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Blindweed twisted from her grasp."Watch it.I may be too much for your scrawny self."he chuckled.

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"I could be any fat old geezer like you!" Silverback lunged at him.

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"Excuse me,rude!"

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"And what do you call what you said to me?" silverback huffed. "toms are so touchy." Silverback took a few steps back, though.

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Blindweed chuckled and bolted into the underbrush.

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silverback sighed. she turned to leave and looked over her shoulder at the brush where blindweed disappeared.

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Blindweed leaped out and tackled her again."Surprise!"

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silverback yelped in surprise. she batted at blindweed's head and tried to pin him again.

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"He started it!" Silverback tried to pull away from Blindweeds strong grip.

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"Right-o, cap-i-tahn!" Silverback replied.

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"Okay." ((bye))

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Blindweed frowned."Okay...are you sure I have to go with her?"he wrinkled his nose in mock disgust.

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Silverback shoved blindweed playfully. "what, can't stand me already?"

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"already?!I had to live in the apprentice den with you snoring for months."

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"Well compared to your sleep talking, I couldn't have been that bad." silverback padded toward the edge of the camp. "Coming or not?"

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"Not."He walked toward camp and disappeared into the bushes.He reappeared in front of her."How bout you?"

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silverback tapped her tail impatiently. "We don't have anymore time for games. Summerstar told us to hunt."

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"Well,stop dawdling."He surged forward.

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Blindweed turned."Don't worry DW,she'd be the only one in there."

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"Sure thing, dovewish!" Silverback called, running after blindweed.

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Blindweed quickly picked up the scent of rabbit.

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silverback got very quiet and watched as he pulled away to stalk his prey. Silverback padded away as silently as possible. she went until she was in thunderclan territory. she saw Leafpelt was hunting too. She waited in a bush for him to notice her.

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Blindweed leaped on the rabbit.It was killed and he looked up,he didn't see Silverback.

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 12 comments Spicepaw dipped her paws in the river.

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Blindweed dropped the rabbit."No,I'm a deputy,a real deputy."

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Blindweed chuckled."it's okay kit,want to take this rabbit back for me?I have to find my hunting buddy."

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"Yeah."He pushed the rabbit toward the kit.He bounded off toward thunderclan.

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) Iceriver padded up to Spicepw. "Are you trying to catch some fish?" Iceriver asked

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Silverback ran up to Blindweed. She dropped the rabbit she had been holding. "sorry. I smelled it and went to follow."

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Blindweed nodded suspiciously.

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) Iceriver turned around and headed to the camp.

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"What?" silverback asked innocently.

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Blindweed shook his head."Nothing,I...smell thunderclan."

Rachel (Raindrop Baker) (therootbeer) Iceriver went back and caught a fish for herself.

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