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Starears watched, intrigued, then turned and walked into the medicine cat den. "amberpaw, are you ready?"

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Emberheart strolled casually up to the medic cat."nice morning."

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"Yes it is. It has the potential for an absolutely glorious day." starears replied as she studied the dew on a nearby leaf.

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"It would be even better if I could take out a patrol,the dawn patrol's already gone so I have to wait until sunhigh."

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"Would you like to come with us to collect herbs? It may not be quite as exciting to you, but at least you'll get a taste of the wonderful day."

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Emberheart looked around,the camp looked secure."Okay,I know a bit about herbs."

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Starears trotted forward, the two younger cats in tow. (at least I hope my apprentice is following me) We're looking for poppy seeds today.

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Emberheart followed."Poppy seeds."He went ahead a little ways."Snake!"

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"The root or the animal?" starears asked distractedly, sniffing the wind.

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"Animal.Keep the apprentice back,it's an adder."Emberheart circled the snake,his eyes never leaving its,he lunged and bit deeply."Okay."

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starears dipped her head in thanks. "I'm glad to have invited you along."

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Emberheart smiled sheepishly."I'm not that good,every warrior is taught how to handle snakes,you could have done it."

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"Appreciate the small things, friend, and life is a whole lot lighter." starears began to stroll forward again.

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Emberheart smiled to himself."Thanks."

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(what do poppy seeds grow on (feeling dumb))

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((idk...i think they're on bushes in like pods))

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(ok thx) starears sniffed around a green bush. "over here. I think we might find a few here."

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Emberheart nodded and pulled a few off of the bush.

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starears circled the bush again, but found no more pods. "Let's go back and lay these out to dry."

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"Amberpaw, how long do you think that we are going to air these out for?" starears asked semi-educationaly.

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"And how long do you imagine that will take?" starears asked patiently.

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"Only one." Starears took a large leaf and layed it o the ground. "let's open the pods and lay them on here." ((g2g c u l8ter))

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Emberheart helped,his paws seemed large and clumsy.

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((hi)) starears carefully laid out poppy seeds that the two cats extracted so they were even and all getting lots of sun. Then she turned to Amberpaw. "When the sun is directly overhead, we will shuffle the seeds so that they get an equal amount of sun on the other side."

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Emberheart nodded."If you have nothing else for your apprentice to do,we could use the extra help hunting for the clan."

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starears nodded. "She must be back by noon, though. Good hunting to you both."

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Emberheart nodded."Let's go."

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starears walked back into her den.

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Emberheart bounded out of the camp.

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"Want to hunt near the river?"

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Emberheart led the way and stalked a vole silently.

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Frostfur sat outside the nursery watching the kits

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Emberheart leaped and listened to the piercing shriek.

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Frostfur got up and went to the fresh-kill pile

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((oh lovely))

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Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 12 comments Swiftbreeze nuzzled Rainkit.

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((no not you. the piercing shreik thing.))

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Frostfur picked out a mouse

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((thank u thank u))
emberheart killed another vole.

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Frostfur sat down to eat

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((you do know i didn't mean it in a good way, right?))

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"Amberpaw?Time to get back,it'll be time for bed soon."

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Emberheart followed.

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