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t (skater3598) | 1 comments Just about to graduate with a Neuroscience bachelors from the University of Texas at Dallas. My favorite professor Michael Kilgard had Michael Merzenich (episode 54) as his graduate advisor, and I just got done with a class on plasticity by Kilgard which was fascinating and really got me into reading scientific literature. My Neuroscience program left me wanting more, and since I never really did get involved with a lab, I'm left in a funny spot upon graduating. This podcast and Kilgard's plasticity course together keep me hooked on Neuroscience at the moment.

I recommend that university students share the podcast through the online discussion boards provided by their university (blackboard, etc). It will spread much quicker that way.

Thanks Ginger!

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Virginia MD (gingercampbell) | 321 comments Mod

Sorry I missed your post!

I hope you will enjoy the interview with Michael Merzenich that I will be posting later this month.

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