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message 1: by Erez (new)

Erez (gettingpublished) | 3 comments 'Talk to Her' has this scene where a tiny man in the silent film portion of the story recapitulates the strange plot-line...this has got to based on a short story or book? the author, the 'auteur', Almodovar's literary influences?

message 2: by Cassiel (new)

Cassiel I looked at the website for Sony Pictures Classics "Talk to Her".

Almodovar writes about the "shrinking man" portion that he had to create the silent film, and that it was based on a short story that he himself wrote.

message 3: by Erez (new)

Erez (gettingpublished) | 3 comments Pedro Almodovar--Short Story Collection? Thanks Cassiel, I should have known it was all his original material; it just seemed so out of left field that i wanted more of it.

Does Almodovar regularly publish his short stories, or are they in his journals--assuming he only comes out with movies, not fiction???

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