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Grecia Lopez Me too!

Piza Riza this manga is sooooo funny i love it!

message 3: by Jenetta (new)

Jenetta yeah I also liked this, I also watched the anime series then I read it...
At first I was like 'Um ok what the hell? Am I really watching this?" but then several episodes later I was totally enjoying it :)
I love the twins!! At times they kinda reminded me of the Weasley twins in Harry Potter....
I like the main character Haruhi but she sounds so dead when she talks, otherwise I find the series quite funny.... :D

message 4: by Jenetta (new)

Jenetta Yayyyyy it has taken some time but I have finally finished the series!
I was so shocked by the last three episodes then obviously Tamaki comes back in the end, but still I really hope that there is another season!!!

Hanne OHSHC is the funniest shit ever!^^ love them all<3

message 6: by Ms. (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ms. Anderson It's a lovely series, I love it so much~

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