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message 1: by sascha (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:31AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

sascha It's been slooow going so far. It reads like allegory. I'll finish it but might not recommend it.

Hannah Reading it was slow going for me as well, so I switched to listening to it and I am almost done and loving it! If you can handle listening to books- I totally recommend that route. Obama is reading it and he just has a fire about him. Good luck!

Natalie Actually, it is a fairly easy read to anyone with an attention span. The policy aspects are generalized.

Geoffrey That`s my problem with these books. There is too much policy, too little specifics. I want to know what Clinton was thinking when he threatened Nambry in Haiti and Jimmy Carter was shiting in his pants because the Prez was going to shell Port au Prince in 60 minutes, why he didn`t come to the aid of the military officer later who was ostracized afterwards for blowing the whistle on Dimanche Prison, how did he ever think that he could solve the Sudan crisis, why did he ever take on Summers and cancel out on Stagner Wagnall Act, did he ever foresee the subprime market getting out of control, etc. etc.

How did he think he could get away with taking campaign contributions from foreign sources or Monica for that matter, why did he expend so much political capital on the DADT policy in the beginning of his administration, why did he tell Gennifer Flowers that Cuomo looked like a mafioso when she badmouthed him, etc. etc.

I will be more interested in reading what Obama has to say 5 years from now when he writes the autobiography of his presidency. Let`s hope he comes cleaner than Slick Willie.

Susan (aka Just My Op) Natalie wrote: "Actually, it is a fairly easy read to anyone with an attention span. The policy aspects are generalized. "

I read it and enjoyed it although I liked Dreams From My Father more. But I think that for the people who are having a tough time with it, it is not because they have a short attention span. It is probably more likely that it just isn't the right book for them. I could be considered to have a short attention span when I read a book that doesn't engage me, and that would be a false assumption.

Kevin If you're having trouble reading a print copy, pick up the audio book. I got it from the local library and Obama reads it himself. It's very engaging (and it feels almost like the president is speaking directly to you!).

Kressel Housman Folks, Dreams from My Father is way better!

Xenia Kressel wrote: "Folks, Dreams from My Father is way better!"

I did not have any problems reading this book, however, Dreams of my Father is, I think, a better book for those of you who are having a challenge getting through The Audacity of Hope.

Kressel Housman Dreams is much more personal. Audacity reads like the campaign book that it was.

message 10: by Alex (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alex C. Crazy thing happened to me while reading this one. It was about two years ago, I'm in a car getting through a chapter about healthcare while the person driving had the radio on at low volume, and next thing I know what I'm reading is coinciding perfectly with one of his speeches over the radio. Thought that was pretty neat!

That said, it did take me a long, long time to get through this one as well. I had to take a break before starting up again.

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