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Megan I had a hard time with this book. Very, very descriptive. I kept waiting for something to happen.

Renata I understand what you mean. I have always enjoyed reading Alice McDermott's books, but less happens in this one than usual. She is, by nature, a writer who captures the small moments of life. Even the feelings she elicits about her characters are quietly reflective. I almost gave up on this book - reading it felt like reading short stories, or looking at family photos and thinking about what we felt and spoke at the time. Yet this morning I found myself reaching for the book and reading a few pages before getting ready for work. We are used to such overblown drama about celebrities and people in the news. Whereas the rest of the world sound like old-fashioned circus barkers, she is writing the internal conversations we have within ourselves. the ones we do not even share with our best friends.

Harley I honestly can't remember if I finished it. I had Megan's experience of waiting, and I may have given up, or else it didn't stay with me. I'm afraid I'm addicted to the unfolding of story.

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