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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth I read this series about 10 years ago being a huge Ann Rice fan when I was in high school. These were a little too raunchy for my taste. I love Ann Rice but these were too much for me. Although I did read the whole series.

ERIN SCHMIDT I never read the first one, because my library only had two and three. It's very raunchy, though. Very explicit. Fans of erotica will love them, though.

Farrah I think they are great fun to read.

Kelli I also read this series years ago, and loved it! If you were expecting something like Lestat, you may have gotten a big surprise! However, if you are an erotica fan, these are well written, interesting fantasies.

Nicole I absolutely loved this is very raunchy but is also very erotic at times. There was only one part that was too disturbing and icky to me....the cat part for those that have read it. But other than that I loved these books. Loved the ending, it was awesome.

Laura Miller Read them all and felt such a guilty pleasure in reading them. I did put them out of reach of anyone else browsing though my book collection. I still blush thinking about someone finding them and knowing I read them.

Tracey Hunt loved this trilogy, very graphic and sexy. only anne rice can pull this off

Cassandra Miller I have only read the first and the second book, but I love them. They are just ranchy enough and erotic enough to be good.
I have to agree with Laura, they are my guilty pleasure that I hide in my shelf, because I hate explaining why I own them.

message 9: by Ty (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ty I picked them not knowing what to expect and must i loved them lol .blush!

message 10: by Ty (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ty damn i cant even type today oops ! but you get the point

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I read all 3 a long time ago, and recently re-read the first 2 books again. The sections pertaining to Beauty were very hot. The other parts of the books I skipped over this time. I'm going to re-read the 3rd one soon. :)

Meghan Beverly I read all three when I was 18 or 19. Boy were they jarring! However, I loved them! They were dirty, weird, and surprisingly well written considering the content. I would not recommend them for the virgin erotica reader; they are definitely for those that have graduated out of erotica 101.

message 13: by Kristine (new) - added it

Kristine after i've read the series/trilogy.. it's easier for me to read erotic books. it's like i was prepared. lol. i can't imagine how she came up with those books that i was so amazed.. and she wrote it when? wow! it took me few days before i was able to move on.. whenever i see fairy tales and princesses (especially aurora from disney princesses/characters) i just cant help but imagine her kissing the other princess :-) so its like aurora kissing cinderella or anyone among the other princesses.

Michelle Boudreaux These were such a great read. I got them paperback and read them right after I read 50 Shades. Was very different but so good! It took me only a few days to read all of them! It got me into erotic books more. Nothing else compaires! lol

Holly Kristine wrote: "after i've read the series/trilogy.. it's easier for me to read erotic books. it's like i was prepared. lol. i can't imagine how she came up with those books that i was so amazed.. and she wrote it..."

Haha! So true... Once Upon A Time (the TV show) throws me for a loop just because of these books LMAO!

message 16: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara I really liked this series but it was the first erotic books I have ever read and I was shocked by how grafic it was and then I read some more and I now longer think that about these books. Very good book but I can no longer watch the cartoon lol! These books made me a bigger fan of Anne Rice but of her older stuff the new stuff I just cannot get into.

Rhyzza Marie I never thought I had it in me to finish this books, it was so intense that it took me nearly 2 months to finish the trilogy (I usually finish one book a day). Better stick to the more romantic eroticas next time. It was a very good book though. :)

Josie I read a preview of it, but I think it's a great story.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

weird but I like these

Ernest These books changed my life forever.

Steffie Dawn Some of the content made me cringe, but I continued to turn the page. Loved them. Could re-read over and over too. And, I have no shame in admitting I read them either. They're too awesome to be hidden!

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