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message 1: by Anony-miss (new)

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss Ugn. Plug your ears - they changed it to the wrong radio station. What are the types of music that really get on your nerves? The one that gives you headaches or weird dreams . . or just the annoying gets-stuck-in-your-head-too-easily type.

- Celia

message 2: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) country and rap

message 3: by Anony-miss (new)

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss I'll listen to anything you ask me to, but I can't stand slow songs, intentionally annoying/repetitive songs, whinny country, and rap.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I like slow songs, Like "The Fool on the hill" by the beatles (semi slow), Louis Armstrong songs, they're good.

I HATE rap, country, and bubblegum pop such as disney stars.

message 5: by Anony-miss (new)

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss I usually can't stand bands that cuss(Reason being why I never liked rap), to an exception for the bands Karelia and COF.

For some odd reason I can't stand women singing.

message 6: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) yea i hate almost all disney and i dont swear so i tend not to like lisining to people swear.

message 7: by Anony-miss (new)

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss Yeah - and I also hate when you listen to a song and it makes you think it stops, but they go on louder. Always gets me lol . .

message 8: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) yup

message 9: by Anony-miss (new)

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss I agree.

message 10: by ember (new)

ember (emberrayne) exactly

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