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The Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life

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message 1: by elizabeth (last edited Jan 16, 2008 12:52PM) (new)

elizabeth kimmel (gecko) hey all...great group!
i join today in the hope of gaining access to inspiration.

i am just finishing the book above and would love to discuss it with anyone...and of course, i recommend it to everyone here!

message 2: by Bonita (new)

Bonita Rose | 22 comments Mod
sounds like a great title!!
I too am an aspiring writer.. would love to get to know you!! My email is !!

I just need a jumpstart to get started on my book proposal and writings.. as i have had the ideas in my head for years now...hugs,bonnierose

message 3: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth kimmel (gecko) sorry about the confusion!
i am just finishing reading the book above by robert fritz.
i think everyone would really enjoy it.

message 4: by Scott (last edited Jan 18, 2008 01:57PM) (new)

Scott Gillespie (scottg) I'm interested but I worry about authors who perpetuate an urban myth to convey a theory.

Cow paths: Fiction vs Fact

message 5: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth kimmel (gecko) hey scott, i agree with your statement. especially with 'the secret' being so prevalent. i think you might be pleasantly surprised with this book and author. the basic formula (if you want to call it that) is directly linked to the natural process of creation. There isn't a theory, but a basic interpretation of what occurs when an artist creates. fritz simply brings to light all that is naturally happening in this state. he focuses on structural tension rather than theory.

message 6: by Scott (new)

Scott Gillespie (scottg) "There isn't a theory, but a basic interpretation of what occurs when an artist creates."

OK, I haven't read the book and this may seem didactic, but unless it's an unequivocal provable fact it is a theory. Fritz's self-help guide is based on his subjective interpretation of the philosophical and/or psychological aspects of the creative process. In other words, his stating "this is the way things are and this is how they work" is based on his conjectures - his school of thought.

Maybe he is correct. Maybe not. Regardless, I look forward to reading this someday.

Remember: "If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him!"

message 7: by elizabeth (new)

elizabeth kimmel (gecko) whoops...ha ha...i get in such a hurry.
i meant urban myth in place of theory...this is why i am a visual artist.
perspectives abound and to each their own.


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