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Three Men in a Boat - the funniest book of all time?
Carolyn Oulton Carolyn Mar 27, 2013 11:04AM
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Yes. The funnies book.
People tend to compare JKJ with Wodehouse but their styles of writing are very different. Wodehouse is like a professor who is very smart and makes you laugh through smart prose. Master of prose indeed. But JKJ is more of a stand-up comedian to whom humor comes more naturally. Master of humor indeed.
Wodehouse is for geeks and JKJ is for peasants and those less blessed in letters and for everyone else of course.

or getting lost in Hampton Court maze

I would say it's joint-funniest with Diary of a Nobody. I have to read both every year.

This book was funny but I thought "three men on a Brummell" was even funnier. They both had me laughing!

Not sure. There are many by P.G. Wodehouse that I find equally funny as far as British humor is concerned.

Certainly one of the funniest of all time, and a perfect hot-weather summer read. I must read it today.

yes , I loved the book

I would say that it is. Or at least the funniest book I've read in the last 30 years.

I found it funny, but not as funny as "The Dairy of a Nobody". Although perhaps that was down to my expectations.

It is hilarious. Another book worth reading if you're in the mood is The Diary of a Nobody|535856]

I'm not sure if Three Men in a Boat is the funniest book of all time, there are a few books which I would rate as good, but it is very funny, hilarious at times, and what surprised me the most was that the humor has aged pretty well, which is not always the case with comedy.

I believe that Jerome is one of the best interpreters of the great British humorous books tradition, along with Wodehouse (the "Jeeves" series is hilarious) and, more recently, Pratchett (His Discworld books are both extremely funny and great food for thought).
Jerome is probably better in alternating great comedy moments with romantic descriptions, whether Wodehouse is focused mainly on jokes and Pratchett has his unique way to "paint" social issues through comedy, but the three of them are simply great.

Yes it is extremely funny ; it's some years since I read it, but can any more recent reader of this book tell me if there is a chapter, or some paragraphs, devoted to a chap hanging something on the wall. If it is in this book, rough page number please?
I'd put this alongside 'What a Carve Up' by Jonathan Coe and 'Penguins Stopped Play' by the late writer, whose name completely slips my mind. Also 'Lucky Jim' by Amis has those 'faces.'

Paul Thank you for that - I'll re-visit that fantastic scene.
Apr 04, 2013 01:45AM

The funniest book i ever read. My favorite part is when they try to open the can.

I forgot they wrote comedies then (brain cramp) and was totally surprised by it - laugh out loud funny in places!

Yes, I think it is the funniest book of all time. I have read plenty of books by P.G Wodehouse, and this was the first book by Jerome K Jerome that I read. The side-splitting humour is worth reading plenty of times.

I read this book back in the 80's, as it was part of the Time Life Reading Series. I enjoyed it. It was funny but not the funniest book of all time. It's not even the book that's made me laugh the most -- that was Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet.

....i dont know is it the funniest book of all had a good laugh reading it

No way. I didnt really enjoy this book even though I appear to be in the minority

My faviorite book!!! its hilarious, thought-provoking and very british... love it... especially the part where the author compares life with a boat and how we burden it with all sorts of unnecessary stuff... amazing read...beautiful insight about life, nature and people...

I remember laughing throughout Three Men In A Boat. I also loved A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. Also Wilt by Thom Sharpe.

Teri Zipf Oh yes, Confederacy of Dunces is great, but maybe slightly less great than Three Men in a Boat.
Jul 16, 2014 12:29PM

I don't think it's the funniest book of all time, but one of the funniest for sure.

Thanks for info, it's time to reread it!

This book was hilarious. However i think it would have been even more funnier if instead of unimportant villages and rowing descriptions, the author would have exploited more the fact that all characters had hypochondria and the comicity that that would have provided. Thats why i started the book in the first place, as a fellow hypochondriac, i got an exhilarating catharsis out of the funny description of the main character about his assumptions towards his health. Too bad that didnt continue after the 10th or 11th page. A great book nonetheless, gave it a 5 star review.

I loved this book.....the humor and the travel along the Thames.

Each and every line of this book is hilarious. I burst out in laughter quite often while reading this book. I feel there are actually four men who are part of this adventurous journey, as author always keeps Montmorency in the story. All the emotions of the dog are captured and it is very amusing.

I think it is. I have re-read it many times since I read it in my early teens and still chuckle when I recall different episodes like the one when he is convinced he has all the diseases possible but is aggrieved that he doesn't have 'housemaid's knee'!

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