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message 1: by Schnuckiputzi (new)

Schnuckiputzi | 4 comments I am a long-time SDMB lurker that followed a link here. I have really expanded by reading lists by reading the monthly lists/recommendations there. I am looking forward to indulging in bookwormishness.

message 2: by Julie (new)

Julie Welcome! Feel free to join us in our first group read of The Grenadillo Box if you'd like.

Otherwise, if you add people to your friend list, you can easily get updates as to what they're reading.

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Collins (jamie_goodreads) | 76 comments Hi Schnuckiputzi, welcome!. I see that you just rated one of Steven Saylor's mysteries. I just read the first in that series, and I liked it. Also, Sunshine is one of my favorite paranormal books.

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