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message 1: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) I started a book challenge at the end of 2007 to read 105 books before my next birthday (which is in december), and I'm at 21 books!

message 2: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 24 Books out of 105! It's the end of January and I'm almost a quarter done! That is how many I have read in approxametly 2 months. Hmmm...Maybe I should change my goal to 150...But even that might not be a challenge enough, I went through 7 books in 6 days one week last summer. Anyone who decides to read this post can give me suggestions for a better goal. Maybe 175. Come summer we shall see.

message 3: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) I'm now at 26 1/2 books :)

message 4: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 31 books

message 5: by Erin (new)

Erin (erinferno) Awesome job! I was just wondering why 105?

message 6: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 34 books now.
I chose 105 because I started it with a little over a year to read them so that is 100 books for the year+5 more books for the additional 2 1/2 weeks.

message 7: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 38 books. Need to read faster...

message 8: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 40 books!

message 9: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) my goal is now 200 books.

message 10: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 46 books

message 11: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 49 1/2 books! I'm half a book away from being a quarter of the way through!

message 12: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 55 books. :)

message 13: by Roni (new)

Roni (v_a_b) 61 books

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