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message 1: by Armen (new)

Armen Chakmakjian | 6 comments My name is Armen Chakmakjian. The first part of my name "chakmak" is the word for Flint in several middle-eastern languages. Currently I'm a Manager of Product Development at Intuit's Platform as a Service Group (PaaS-G) managing Intuit QuickBase and the Intuit Partner Platform

My main reason for being here is that I've written a Sci-Fi novel and published it on Kindle and I'm here to learn more about everything.

Here's a few things about me:

* I love gadgets, whether electronic or a swiss army knife
* I play the guitar
* I teach Sunday School in the Armenian Church
* I like a nice glass of wine with my dinner
* I'm working my way to an MBA at Bentley U.
* I went to RIT and got a degree in Computer Engineering
* I graduated from Fairfield Prep
* I've worked for Digital, Teradyne, Lakeview and Intuit
* You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
* My blog is at http://mynamemeansflintstone.wordpres...
* My book website is at

My favorite quote of all time, which I need to paraphrase now because I've lost the original text, was attributed to Admiral Spruance after Midway. It goes something like "Historians will write that this event or that choice made the difference here or there. While you're there though, it's a hell of a lot of groping around in the dark". When I first wrote this I forgot my other favorite quote which is a bit more serious: “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for, I have grown not only gray, but almost blind in the service of my country.“ which was said by George Washington, putting on spectacles for the first time in front his officers in 1783, while reading a note from Congress about their back pay about which they were talking rebellion.

I'm a fan Star Trek, Monty Python, The Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan), and Sean Connery James Bond movies. I've thoroughly read the works of Jorge Luis Borges, like some of Umberto Eco, and think that Frank Herbert was the greatest SciFi writer. I think the greatest single work of human literature is Lord of the Rings (I place the Bible in a different classification). I love reading biographies of famous cranks of history like John Adams, U.S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Winston Churchill...People who were out of place in their time and sometimes viewed as eccentric or difficult.

My favorite band of all time is the Doobie Brothers. After that the Eagles, America, and a host of other groups and artists who played a guitar to make music and not just bang on it or play a million notes because their fingers can do it.

message 2: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Hendrix (sheilahendrix) Hi, I'm Sheila and I just joined this group. I am the author of three scifi books with a fourth one to be published this fall, I hope. Anyway, I'm 44, irish and a nurse. I am also a red head and before anyone asks me, yes I do have a temper. LOL!

I work at a psychiatric hospital and I just wanted to say hello. The names of my books are Bad Company, Head Games and Darkness Falls. It's a series about two brothers who hunt the supernatural. The name of the series is The Dark Circle and I don't know yet how many books will be in the series. I've got a website in the making and I'm working on getting book trailers for my books.

Thanks for letting me join.

message 3: by Leslie Ann (new)

Leslie Ann (leslieann) | 48 comments Hi Sheila,

I tagged your books on Todd's site!

You must know about the CW show 'Supernatural'. First, do you watch it, second, did you start writing your books before the series started, and third, how close is the series to your books? BTW, I LOVE the show. The writing is excellent and the two actors who play Sam and Dean Winchester are SMOKIN' HOT!!!

message 4: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Hendrix (sheilahendrix) Thanks for that Leslie. Yes I watch it. It is my favorite show. I've met both Jensen and Jarred. Jensen calls me his body guard because I got a fan off of him at the Assylum Convention in England. I didn't think he would remember me but the next year at the convention in Chicago, when I got to his table he looked at me and smiled and said, "hey, my body guard." LOL! Your are right they are smoking hot.

I tell people if you like the Winchesters you will love the MCCannons.

Do you have a twitter, or facebook account? Do you have a myspace. My url for Myspace is
My twitter is:

message 5: by Leslie Ann (new)

Leslie Ann (leslieann) | 48 comments OMG, I am sooo envious you've met the boys!! I didn't know they did cons. That's good, because maybe I'll get to meet them myself someday.

I have yet to enter the 21st century in many ways, alas. I have no Facebook or Twitter account, but I fully intend to get onto Facebook. I do have a Myspace page, but I don't really do anything with it anymore. My website address is

message 6: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Hendrix (sheilahendrix) Great! I'll look you up.

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