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next one!!

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The Book
Pretty Gutsy by Emily Hodson

Just when you thought Anna Strouse's life couldn't get any worse, think again.
In the second installment of the Pretty Unlikely Trilogy, Anna embarks on a journey to find Isaiah, the monster she found in her closet, and Bobby, her mysterious boyfriend. She soon finds out that there are more things after her than there are of Isaiah. The deeper she gets, the more enemies emerge. When she finally finds her friends, Anna realizes it's up to her and Bobby to protect Isaiah from his darkest enemy. But the longer Anna helps him, the more chaos bleeds into her human life, hurting her family, her friends, and people around her. Soon Anna attracts attention to the real monsters – the ones who've been watching her, waiting for her.
Exposed, weakened, and vulnerable, Anna now has three responsibilities: protect Isaiah, protect her friends and family, and herself. But this new evil is determined to see her fail – it wants her, and it wants her now...

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Ariella (ariellah980) | 30 comments please

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Stacey (slotters) | 19 comments Stacey

message 5: by Ariella (new)

Ariella (ariellah980) | 30 comments When will I receive my copy?

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Let me contact the author again

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Anamica (kroyanns) | 11 comments

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Ariella (ariellah980) | 30 comments I just want to say I still haven't gotten my copy.

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I'll try and contact the author again. And don't worry I'll give you guys more time.

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Anamica (kroyanns) | 11 comments Thanks Tana for the copy

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Ariella (ariellah980) | 30 comments i still haven't recieve my copy?

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I don't know what's happening here. Let me get back at you.

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Ariella (ariellah980) | 30 comments ~♥Minnie♥~ wrote: "I don't know what's happening here. Let me get back at you."


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Stacey (slotters) | 19 comments I haven't received my copy either.

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Well ladies we the administration after some deliberation have come to the decision to cancel this r2r. We haven't heard from the author and after two weeks and three messages of waiting we can wait longer. But please feel free to apply for other r2r's now if they are open or in the future.

Thanks and again sorry.

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