The Last Threshold (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter, #4; Legend of Drizzt, #23) The Last Threshold question

infael infael Mar 22, 2013 02:31PM
Did Salvatore actually do what I think he did, at the end of the book????

The ending is something that I found to be anticlimactic. Here we have Drizzt, one of the greatest fighters in the Forgotten Realms essentially getting whacked in the head by some female elf and then falling off a cliff. but, in typical "comic book death" fashion-he's baaaaaccckkk due to the deus ex machina of a goddess-though that comes up later. That I found to be annoying.

The ending was a bloody heart twister. Makes me glad I got distracted reading sanderson, I could spoil myself the ending, with all the new books coming out.

Given the cover of Salvatore's next book I would think not.

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