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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen (reader44ever) | 182 comments Hello,

I have a question about combining editions. I found a book that is soon to be published (Industrial Brazing Practice, Second Edition); it is a 10-year anniversary sort of book that contains updates on what has changed in the 10 years since Industrial Brazing Practice was released.

Do these two volumes need to be combined? My guess is yes, but I'm just not sure as I'm still learning the ropes of being a librarian.


message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43502 comments Mod
How much of the content is the same, would you estimate? 20%, 50%, 80%, 95% . . . ?

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen (reader44ever) | 182 comments I can only guess and estimate, but I'd say about 20%. I arrived at this estimate by looking at the 2003 edition's number of pages (392) versus the 2013 edition's (460).

The 2013 edition does say the following in the description:

New in This Edition

Information on new ISO specifications for brazing filler materials New alloy and flux codes New production developments in available fuel-gases for brazing, such as SafeFlame New sections on carbon potential of furnace atmosphere and quality control parameters for vacuum brazing New production methods in aluminum brazing Expanded coverage of interfacial corrosion in stainless steels More case studies.

To me, this looks like a lot of valuable information, so I'm not sure 20% is an adequate estimate.

What do you think?


message 4: by Vicky (last edited Mar 22, 2013 04:47PM) (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 2459 comments Amazon has look inside previews for the 2005 edition and the 2013 edition and they look very similar to me.

According to the previews:

The last page of the index on the new edition is 432, so I suspect the 460 includes a lot of the introductory material.

The last page of the index in the first edition is 396.

That's only about 10% expanded content. My vote goes towards combining them.

message 5: by Jozef (new)

Jozef Nakielski (jozef_nakielski) | 100 comments If most of it is the same book which it appears to be I'd combine them.

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43502 comments Mod
Vicky wrote: "That's only about 10% expanded content."

Then yeah, combine.

message 7: by Jen (new)

Jen (reader44ever) | 182 comments Somebody already combined them. Thanks for the help, though!

message 8: by Jozef (new)

Jozef Nakielski (jozef_nakielski) | 100 comments wasn't me !

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