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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Daniels (idwritingworks) | 6 comments Well Ive thoroughly confused myself on this site while setting up everything to be an author, adding my book and applying for librarian status and I think I need some help to make sure this all goes together correctly.

Title: Against the Grain
Author: Ian Daniels
ISBN: 9781301172429
Publisher: idwritingworks

description: When the world, your world, gets turned upside down, there are leaders, there are followers, there are those that sit back, and those that take advantage… and then there’s you.

The following story chronicles the events of a reluctant and unapologetic man on his path through a world compromised by a collapsed economy, society, and way of life. His ability to survive fosters an internal struggle that intertwines within the few friends he has left. Unsure of how to guide them through the reality of this changed existence without crushing their hope, sometimes it is all he can do to just to keep himself alive without becoming what he fights against.


Now I also found it already up but with zero information so I dont know what to do about that, thats maybe where you seasoned pros can get this thing all fixed up. link:


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Ais (ais17) | 9 comments got photo added

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Daniels (idwritingworks) | 6 comments awesome, thanks everybody!

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