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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 43 comments Mod
You may answer any question you would like, as long as you follow the RAFTAT strategy.

Feeling stuck? Here are some sample questions:

1.) Connect a character in your book with another character from a text or person

2.) Choose a significant quote and explain what it shows about him/her.

3.) If you had to choose a symbol for your character, what would it be and why?

R: Restate
A: Answer
F: For example...
T: This shows/proves/etc....
A: Another example
T: This shows/proves...

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Monica | 43 comments If I had to choose a symbol for my character, Courtney, in the book, Two-Way Street, by Lauren Barnholdt, it would be the rabbit. The rabbit is a very quiet and timid animal, but its also very intelligent on the inside that no other creature can collect. One example of I why I think this is because in the text, when Jordan, her ex. boyfriend broke up with her, Courtney doesn't feel full of regret, but she at least she tries to not kill at all about the situation. In addition, she uses Lloyd for a distraction for her life. This shows that Courtney is using her clever qualities to distract her from the person she really loves and she doesn't like for herself to be gullible. Another example of her being an rabbit as her symbol is that she lies to people and finds another way out of it. For instance, she tells Jordan that she doesn't know who is following B.J., but she actually knows since her best friend, Jocelyn hooked up with B.J. but doesn't really trust him that much. Courtney lies with intelligence and Jordan actually believes the whole thing. This proves that in general, her friends never really suspect a thing about her and they trust her with everything. Even her ex. boyfriend, Jordan still believes her.

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I will do this response on the book, "The Outsiders."

If I had to choose a symbol for my character named Johnny in the realistic fiction book "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton, I would choose the symbol to be an ant. The reason for that is because ants are weak, but very smart and important in other ways which is similar to Johnny. For example, the author stated in the book about Johnny on page 12 that, "He was the gang's pet, everyone's kid brother. His father was always beating him up, and his mother ignored him..." This shows that an ant would be a great symbol of Johnny because Johnny was always a small valve of his gang and was always abused like how an ant is weak and just needs to stand up. Another example of how Johnny is like an symbol of an ant is when Ponyboy said that Johnny was actually a very important member of the gang in some cases because he help solve problems. This shows that the symbol of an ant fits Johnny because ants are also important as to the environment and Johnny as to his gang. More specific, ants helps the ecosystem cycle run well and Johnny helps his gang members solve issues they hit as a greaser.

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Elva C. | 40 comments If I had to chose a quote that would describe my character, Dani, in the book, Fade Out by Nova Ren Suma, the quote would be "I'll make myself like bricks just how Gandhi used to do" (6). This quote tells me about the character, Dani that she is rebellious. For example, when her father is going to pick her up from home, Dani didn't want to go, no matter what her mother says. This shows that Dani is rebellious because she is going against that she is going to go with her dad. Even though her mom implored her to go, Dani is still saying that she will not go. Another example is when Dani went to the movie theater. Austin, a boy that works in the movie theater won't let Dani in because the ticket that she has was used already. However, Dani is still rebelling against Austin that she is allowed to go in, even though she really didn't buy a ticket when she went in. This shows that Dani is going against Austin that she is allowed to go into the theater to watch the movie. Dani wants to go into the theater, but Austin is trying to stop her from going in;therefore, Dani is going against his choice.

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Mark | 33 comments If I had to choose a symbol for my character in the book The Sorceress by Michael Scott I would pick Josh and his symbol would be a rock. The reason why I choose the symbol a rock is because rocks are mindless but they are very tough and Josh is a very tough person who is also brae and protective but at times josh is mindless and doesn’t this things threw and that cost’s him a lot. One example of why I decided to choose the symbol of a rock is when in one scene when Josh and the rest of the crew were fighting Dee and his crew Josh told one man to make fire around the place Dee managed to get through and he brought in his friends who couldn’t get through the fire, then as they fought the place was burning down. This shows how Josh didn’t think it through with the fire plan and how he could have cost the lives of many. Another example is when the Dee was fighting Josh and after all that Dee has done Josh still stood up to him and fought him and almost beat him. This shows how Josh is brave and protective because in that scene he protected Nicholas and Sophie and he was also brave because Dee is pure evil and Josh had the courage to stand up to him and almost defeat him.

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