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Favorite Character and Why?

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Ashley Torhu!
I love how she looks at life. She never gives up. Once she has her mind set she goes out and does it and nothing stops her. She loves her friends so much and will do anything for them. She is just so adorable and so caring. Her character is truly Unique!

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i like Torhu as well!
she's really sweet in my opinion, though i get the most laughs out of Kyo and i think Yuki is rather cute, long story short i can't choose!!! XD

Elijah Mullens I liked the rooster. (His name is slipping me.....) He was awesome, cool, and I like the fact that he ended up dating Uo.

Himani Patel Kyo! I really wish the cat got to be part of the zodiac. I guess there would be no story if he did, but still.

Anessia Kyo!! because i can relate and learn from him so much and if i had to date a character from fruits basket it would be hime

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Noah Mullens The snake too.... there all pretty good to me, even akito.

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Cia Haru ! because he's just so awesome <3

Aurora Cia wrote: "Haru ! because he's just so awesome <3"

I second that.

Clara I love shigure he is so funny especially in the first book lol

Raquel Honestly, I hate everybody.

Sasha Ivashkov-Herondale-Jackson (aka Clarisse) Kyo just cuz i like him better.
Haru cuz he hawt.
Momiji cuz the rabbit is sooooo cute
Kyoko (Tohru's mom) she's a really cool person
Shigure cuz he's hilarious
Arisa Uotani cuz she's just so bad-ass chick..

But yeh i like Kyo and Haru!

Jessica shigure love his sarcasm. He makes everything childish. My fav. part of him is when he goes and call in yuki sick as an excuse to go see "High School Girls" lol

GinAndCats Haru, because I found his split personality extremely interesting. His relationship with Rin as well.

Kyo is a close second though ;3

Reader the Fish MOMIJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he's the cutest ever!

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sam honestly i have a thing for Hatori. i just love him.

Catherine Kyo because he is strong, he is the cat and is is HOT.

Raven I like Hatsuharu, Momiji, and Kagura.
Haru because his split personality makes all the events he's in more interesting ex. the scene in the hallway in episode 13 of the anime with the student president.
Momiji because his multicultural background and speech is awesome plus he is cute
Kagure because she is short-tempered and is seriously crazy

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Courtney Shigure and Ayame. <3
They are meant to be the adults but they have some hilarious childish flaws.

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K.C. Akito, in short because *manga spoiler* her complexity of character and character development are inspiring to me.

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