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Sirherbertsneakies Hebert (mrsneakies) | 16 comments Mod
Jack The Bear And Golden Hair
Please introduce your book and book name.
Please follow each other on Twitter.
Leave message and @ each other to get a return to fellow goodread members, Children's Book Writers Network, Harry Potter Young Adult Writers Club & Sherlock Holmes Mystery writer clubs.
Don't forget your lovely manager who gives you splendid tips & groups as a thank you :)

Sirherbertsneakies Hebert (mrsneakies) | 16 comments Mod
‏ @readitlovedit
Helping boys and girls aged 10+ consistently find great books to read and love.

Sirherbertsneakies Hebert (mrsneakies) | 16 comments Mod
Society of Authors ‏ @Soc_of_Authors

A non-profit making organisation founded to protect the rights and further the interests of authors.

message 5: by Lyn (new)

Lyn Duffy (lynduffy) | 1 comments Hi guys, great idea to help us connect with each other.

I can be found here: or @LynXDuffy

My book is called She's a Right Royal Pain and will be released in the next couple of months. I'll let you guys know when.

Thanks :-)

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Jose | 1 comments Hi all,

I'm an engineer from Puerto Rico. I want to begin writing for kids. I have 4 children, and a desire to use storytelling to engage kids in science. I have a work in process book. It is a easy reading book for 5 to 8 age group. I'm still not having a twitter account for it but you can find me at . It is a great joy for me to join this group.


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Stephen Fitzsimons (goodreadscomworddoodler) | 1 comments @worddoodler
Blog here:

My book is Wishbone Billy and is available on Amazon.
I write for 7+ (middle-grade to cross-over).

message 8: by Suzy (last edited Feb 15, 2021 12:22PM) (new)

Suzy Davies | 1 comments At last I have found you! Thanks for accepting me in this group!
My children's middle grade book is a fairytale retelling of Charles Perrault's "Little Red Riding Hood."
"The Girl in The Red Cape: A Mystical Sled Ride," is set in Alaska, and features Stella, a strong female lead character, and Billy, her brother who is a superhero in his own right.
The story has a central theme of courage and kindness. It explores the complex balance of Man and Nature, and the relationship between humans and animals. My favorite animal character in the book is Black-Claw, a magical animal helper who was inspired by the ravens at my early childhood home in Wales.
My fairytale's an action-adventure story with dogsledding, and all the magic of a enchanting Winter Wonderland. There are over thirty hand-drawn color illustrations in all the versions of the book, by accomplished artist Michele Bourke whose work is bought and admired by a well-known singer. The illustrations capture all the wonder of the Alaskan wilderness and its quiet yet exciting beauty.
Our fairytale is a heartwarming, fast-paced family read to share, ideal for middle grade and up.
"The Girl in The Red Cape: A Mystical Sled Ride" is available on Kindle Unlimited, and on kindle and in paperback, on Amazon Worldwide. Enjoy, and please leave a review on Goodreads!




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