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A couple of things that didn't match up with the movie and the book
Katie Katie Mar 22, 2013 08:59AM
Firstly, how the movie made Mary Elizabeth out to be so clingy! Like in the film after some light boob action she calls Charlie her boyfriend? Did not happen in the book! Holding his hand every 5 seconds etc. I know in the book she rings him incessantly but in my head she just didn't seem to me like a clingy biatch.
Secondly, although i loved it in the movie, how Charlie and Sam are kissing all couply at the end of the film. I would have loved this to have been how they ended things, but its just not how it happened in the book!

I thought it was pretty accurate. She calls him all the time BECAUSE she is so clingy.
And he didn't get the girl in the movie, or in the book.

Out of all the movies the have been based off of books this had been the closest! It was VERY accurate.

same premise but the very different however both amazing. i think the movie did a better job in playing out the "sexual abuse" than the book.

Zoee Alexandraa Agreed.
Mar 24, 2013 12:48PM · flag
U 25x33
Katie Oh yea definitely it was quite unclear in the book whereas it was totally obvious in the film!
Mar 31, 2013 12:06PM · flag

I loved the book and the movie but I thought it was weird that they left out the part where Charlie is reading Patrick the suicide poem. I really thought that was an important part in the book because it ties in with his friends death.

I just saw the movie over the weekend and I loved it. I haven't read the book though. I am eager to read it now because I'm sure it will be much better.

It's not often that I'm lucky enough to see a movie before I read the book. Usually I read the book first and then the movie ruins it for me. But when I see the movie first, the book deepens the experience.... makes it more meaningful somehow.

I didn't understand the bulimic jokes in the movie... They weren't in the book at all

I loved the book, to the point where every difference in the movie made my heart shatter with disappointment. I didn't like the way the sexual abuse was played out in the movie - however I do understand that it was more necessary to give more hints away in the movie than it was in the book.

I kind of honestly liked the movie better. The book was still great..just in the rare case the movie was better. I connected to charlie a whole lot better because I got to see what was happening in his head during his break down.

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