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message 1: by Grady (last edited Mar 22, 2013 06:49AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Grady | 1 comments Mod
In Sophie's World, Sophie Amundsen receives a note in her mailbox asking: "Who are you?" The narrator says,
"She had no idea. She was Sophie Amundsen, of course, but who was that? She had not really figured that out--yet."
Question: Have you ever had thoughts about this? Who are you? What makes you "you"? If you haven't thought about it, think about it now! How do you go about answering that question?

message 2: by Dan (new)

Dan Murphy | 2 comments In "I Don't Want To Be Rude But...", Simon Cowell tells the reader the many steps to stardom.
Question: Have you had aspirations to be a big star? If not, what are your aspirations?

message 3: by Mike (new)

Mike Pinto | 1 comments I want to know who Charlie is sending the letter too and why Michael killed himself. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

message 4: by Bobby (new)

Bobby | 1 comments Is circle justice really an effective way of healing or an escape for criminals to have fun.

message 5: by Aria (new)

Aria (xooki) | 2 comments In 'Incarceron', the prison Incarceron was built to be a paradise for prisoners and such but it all somehow went wrong and now it's a violent and survival free for all. So my question is: Have you ever made something with good intentions but then it ended up being used for bad things? Or is there something you know of or heard of that was planned to be used for good things but it ended up being used for bad?

message 6: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Mele | 2 comments I wonder what Ellie did with his life after losing everything he had, and who he was. Did he move on from his life or did he always have that dark cloud behind him? Night

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark | 2 comments The book I'm reading is the Heart and the Fist. Eric Greitens is a Navy seal. Before he was an Seal he said " what was I thinking what have I gotten myself into." Eric didn't know why he enrolled into the Navy Seals. Why did he he enroll before be say down and thought about if he really wanted to join the Seals? What would you do in Eric's position?

message 8: by Grant (new)

Grant | 2 comments Do you think that bagman and charley will kill fever in the end or will kit kill bagman and charley?

~Grant Gaines

message 9: by Eric (new)

Eric | 2 comments The book im readi ng is Don't Turn Around. my question is why does was Noa in da warehouse, when she woke up.

message 10: by Anna (new)

Anna | 3 comments In sisterhood everlasting, why did tibby never tell any of her friends that she was sick with huntingtons disease and that she was getting worse and she was going to pass away soon?

message 11: by Jwinas40 (new)

Jwinas40 | 2 comments In "Killing Lincoln," the author is describing the current state of the civil war. It sounds like the confederates are in bad shape. My question is why doesn't general Lee surrender to Grant?

message 12: by Tess (new)

Tess Horan | 2 comments In "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtenay I would like to know what the outcome of the fight is, and how will the outcome effect Peekay?

message 13: by Frank (new)

Frank Thomas | 1 comments In my book storm-breaker Alex is a young spy going through training and right now he is part of a military group. My question is, will the other people in his group, like wolf, play a part later in the book

message 14: by Angela (new)

Angela Marino (anmideas) | 2 comments In The Hobbit Bilbo has just met Smaug and had a discussion with the dragon. He revealed some details of their adventure and after he returned to the dwarves Bilbo "was now regretting some of the things he said to the dragon, and was not eager to repeat them." My question is have you ever been in a position where you may have revealed a little too much to someone you can't really trust?

message 15: by Katy (last edited Mar 22, 2013 08:50AM) (new)

Katy | 2 comments In Miss Spitfire, why are Helen's parents letting Annie stay and teach Helen even though she's really rude to the family, is a burden, and is making Helen depressed?

message 16: by Connor Guilfoil (new)

Connor Guilfoil | 2 comments The book I am reading is Something for Joey by Richard E. Peck. The question for this book is: How do you think the friendship between Joey and John will influence the rest of the book?

message 17: by Diana (new)

Diana Dipretoro | 2 comments In my book Fat Vampire, it shows the perspective of two characters that have nothing to do with each other; Sejal and Doug. So far the reader has learned both of their major conflicts; Doug wants a girlfriend Sejal wants the Internet. Do you think this is foreshadowing their paths crossing and possibly a relationship?

message 18: by Meline (new)

Meline | 2 comments In my book "Gathering Blue" my question is why does the government tell the citizens lies about the "field"?

message 19: by Rhiannon (new)

Rhiannon | 3 comments In After, by Amy Efaw, Do you think Devon should have stayed in Juvenal court or should she have been moved and tried in adult court? Why?

message 20: by Slang650 (new)

Slang650 | 1 comments What do you think Francie is thinking about when shes sits on the curb and thinks?

message 21: by Rhys (new)

Rhys Evans | 2 comments Do u think Esme and Rowie will end up back together??

message 22: by Will (new)

Will Rachko | 2 comments In the story Snakehead, by Anthony Horowitz, a fit discussion question for this book would be...
Will Alex ever leave MI6? If so, will he stop being a spy forever, or will he join another agency?

message 23: by Tara (new)

Tara | 2 comments Have you ever felt alone like Cyd did exactly one year ago when she had an abortion? Why or how?

message 24: by Sarge (new)

Sarge | 2 comments In my book, a lieutenant commander of a diminished battle group succeeds at opening the pathway to a bunker able to withstand megatons of pressure created by explosives. However, to keep the last of his team safe, he must detonate two mini nukes that he is carrying to close the pathway and keep them safe.
If it came down to it, would you sacrifice your own life to save a group of people close to you?

message 25: by Lily (new)

Lily Lo | 2 comments In my book, "The Lord of the Rings", Bilbo promised himself that he will leave his ring to Frodo but when the time comes to part, he starts acting strange and even calls the ring "precious" exactly like the previous owner. Does the ring have some curse on its owner?

message 26: by Cathy (new)

Cathy | 2 comments In "Safe Haven", why did Katie move to Southport for a new life? What is she trying to hide?

message 27: by Rhiannon (new)

Rhiannon | 3 comments In "Letters to Julia" the main character, Elizabeth, is an aspirering writer and is writting letters back and forth with a big time book publisher. Although the publisher seems very interested in Elizabeth's writing, she is very doubtful in herself, and often chooses to re-write her material. do you think Elizabeth will be able to make it in the writing buisness?

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