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T.S. Soloman (tssoloman) | 2 comments Title - Isabelle's Destiny
Author - T. S. Soloman
Publisher - self-published on Kindle
Publish date - 3/17/2013
Format - Kindle ebook
As newlyweds Erik and Tabi Holliman set off on their honeymoon, they embarked on the next phase of a lifetime of togetherness that started almost two years earlier, when they first met and instantly fell in love.

Picking an odd little out-of-the-way place to spend most of their trip – in an effort to stretch their honeymoon dollars as far as possible – they began what they were sure was to be a fantastic journey together. Little did they know just how fantastic.

Only two days into their trip, everything they knew about their lives together would be challenged and forever changed — everything except their flair for kinky sex and their eternal love for each other.

Having set out to begin creating their decided upon destiny, what they were unknowingly doing was becoming nothing more than pawns in something far more intricate, complex, sinister and downright dangerous. What started as a few strange anomalies rapidly progressed into an all-out fight for survival as Erik and Tabi found that before they could start writing their own destiny, they would first have to somehow complete a task no one had ever lived to accomplish — they would have to fulfill Isabelle’s destiny.

Isabelle’s Destiny – an erotic paranormal short romance novel for adults and young-adults – is a story of eternal love, and the lengths that such love will go to in order to find ultimate fulfillment — if necessary, even overcoming death and rewriting its own destiny along the way.

Link to cover:'s Destiny Cover.jpg

Thank you.

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lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments Looks like someone created it here:

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T.S. Soloman (tssoloman) | 2 comments Thanks.

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