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Lisa Ann (ketsybaby) | 61 comments Mod
I have been thrilled by the response thus far in the 'Buddy Read' threads, and it's time to wrap up Book 1 "Kahayatle", and move on to Book 2. Here are the last questions regarding book 1, you can answer them all, some, or none... up to you! Be prepared for book 2 starting tomorrow!

1. When Bryn, Peter, & Bodo arrive in the Glades and find the canoes, what did you think about William and Rachel's note? Did you think this was an ominous sign of things to come?

2. Do you think that Bryn's aggressive behavior upon her first meeting with the Miccosukee, Yokci, was a good move? Was she acting out of fear or do you think she was merely asserting her power?

3. When Bryn and her friends first meet with Kowi and the other Miccosukee kids, did you think they would be allowed to stay in the Glades or did you think they would be turned away?

4. Why do you think Coli is so hateful towards Bryn?

5. What did you think would happen when you found out that there was another tribe, the 'Creeks', and that they had Peter?

6. What did you think about Bryn's new feelings for Bodo? Did you think Bodo was jealous of Paci? Do you think Paci was interested in Bryn?

7. What were your first impressions of Trip?

8. When Celia arrived and told everyone what had happened to her, what did you think would happen next?

Sarah (rileysma08) | 17 comments I think Bodo is too cocky to be jealous, but not in a negative way. More like it doesn't occur to him as a serious problem. But I also think that there's more to him that we haven't seen, something that will make us all go "ohhhh".

I think Bryn was incredibly smart in her decision to come on strong. It gains respect instantly in that type of situation. She also shows what she brings to the table as far as being part of the potential community.

I think Coli is intimidated and jealous that her role of alpha female is being threatened.

message 3: by T (new) - rated it 4 stars

T | 17 comments 1. I didn't think the note was very ominous, just sad.

2. Bryn's behavior upon meeting Yocki was just right. She defended herself without overdoing it, earning their respect.

3. I thought they would be allowed to stay. Bryn especially had a lot to offer them.

4. Coli was the female equivalent of 'top dog' before Bryn came around. I agree with Sarah, I think Coli feels threatened by Bryn. It also doesn't help that Kowi seems to look up to her and maybe even find her attractive.

5. I thought Bryn would go kick some ass and get him back :-) I mean, what else could she do?

6. I'm not sure what I think about her feelings for Bodo at this point. If Bodo was jealous of Paci, I don't think he would say anything. Paci was definitely interested in Bryn. If the world hadn't ended, Paci would also probably be more her type than Bodo.

7. I thought Trip was a pompous ass. He needed to be brought down.

message 4: by Rob (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rob George | 8 comments 1.
When they first got to the canoe rental place and found the note I kinda freaked out and wished they would go somewhere else, but they made the decision to stay and it turned out pretty well for them.

If Bryn hadn't acted like she did it would have made it seem like she could be taken advantage of. It helped show that she meant business and should be taken seriously.

I thought they would be able to convince Kowi to let them stay, it may have taken some time and violence but in the end i thought Bryn could get the job done.

Coli is just a B****, she was jealous of Bryn and her confidence. Coli thought she would lose Kowi to her. Coli is also just insanely insecure and has a lot of emotional issues to work out. I don't like Coli, at all.

I thought Bryn was gonna blow them up with the grenades they had found, but they of course would retrieve Peter first.

I was okay with Bodo at first and kind of got the feeling that he was interested in Bryn, but I don't like them together. Bodo is extremely jealous and needs to learn that Bryn can take care of herself and has to make her own decisions. Paci likes Bryn, it's obvious from a guy's perspective, and all these guys liking Bryn is a little much for her and makes her confused.

Trip uses steroids, I basically imagined him being a tiny Arnold Schwarzenegger. He definitely has roid rage.

I thought everyone would freak out and maybe they would blame Bryn and possibly kick them out. But I had faith that Bryn, Peter, and Bodo would think of something.

Stephanie Clifton | 27 comments 1. I found the note from the siblings really sad and it played on my mind a little. I just hadn't thought about those kids who would need regular medical treatment and what these circumstances might mean to them.
2. I agree with the people above, Bryn acted in the right way respect but didn't go too far.
3. To be honest I didn't think too much about whether they'd be allowed to stay. I had faith that Bryn could deal with whatever situation arose.
4.I felt sorry for Coli, she seems like she is in a bad place. It's not clear to the book how her relationship with Kowi is progressing. She comes across as very insecure. Possibly Kowi doesn't show her that she is valued and loved? Is their relationship just to help the tribes integrate? I don't get the feeling Kowi loves her. And then this powerful and challenging new girl turns up! Coli's place in the tribe is threatened, even Kowi seems to support Bryn over his own girlfriend. She doesn't express herself in a good way and it mean to people, but in this first book I can sympathise with her. After book two I can say more on this though!
5. I was worried about Peter when he disappeared but I was confident that Bryn would do anything she could to get him back.
6. I liked the developing relationship with Bodo (although I really don't like his name- sorry), it seemed appropriate for teenagers. Bryn remained sensible and thought about the consequences of unprotected sex. A lot of American authors shy away from teen sex (lots of US YA fiction goes on about waiting until after marriage- not sure what proportion of 16 + teens in loving relationships actually think that??!!!), However when Bryn and Bozo don't go all the way, it makes sense in their circumstance and isn't preachy! I'm not sure how much it's noticeable that Paci likes Bryn in this book, I don't think I particularly noticed it on first reading, it's quite subtle. This is explored much more in book two.
7. I didn't like Trip at all at first. Pulling the knife during the fight scene annoyed me. I think I was brought up quite sexist as I can't imagine a boy doing that to a girl just to prove himself. I actually find it does the opposite. However, Trip did grow on me throughout the series and I quite liked him by the end!
8. When Celia arrived I thought everyone would freak out more than they did. I liked the fact that some were isolationist in their attitude yet others were altruistic. I also thought Bryn handled Celia really well.

Emily | 1 comments 1. I was initially worried about the canoe rental place. I was certain they would get into an altercation. The note eased my fears although it was very sad.

2. I think Bryn did the right thing when meeting Yocki, her life was in danger so I don't think she had a choice.

4. I agree with everyone else about Coli, I do wonder if her life before or during the virus has contributed to her attitude. Maybe she went through something really bad?

5. I thought there might be some kind of war between the tribes at first. Or at least that Bryn and Bodo would do a sneak attack or something.

Tracey Murphy (r1anna) | 37 comments 1. I agree with Stephanie about the sadness of not thinking through medical issues for kids. I am really disappointed in the adults(in their lack of preparedness for even their own kids). I thought the letter was sad too.
2. I don't think Bryn really had a choice when meeting Yocki, she had to prove she could handle and protect herself and the others in her family.
3. I didn't feel confidant that they would be allowed to stay, but I did feel confidant that Bryn, Peter and Bodo would figure something out.
4. I agree with all the others feelings about Coli. She comes across as insecure and feels threatened by Bryn.
5. I just knew that Bryn would go in "guns blazing" to get Peter back. Bryn continues to grow and develop into an amazing person. Her bear personality starts to show.
6. I think Bryn is confused about her feelings about Bodo and doesn't even get that guys find her attractive. Bodo reads the situation very well and knows that Paci along maybe a couple others are interested in Bryn. ( I am a team Paci so understand that I am a bit biased in my opinion of Bodo). I didn't take Bodo seriously, and then when there was possible competition, he (to me) seems to be laying claim to the best girl at the party mostly because so many others are interested in her.
6. I did not have respect for Trip because of him pulling a knife. I ,also, felt the division between the tribes were because of too many chiefs more worried about who is in charge rather then why they were all there in the first place. That becomes painfully apparent when Celia returns-again why would they let her live all by herself. If there were other kids left in town, why would the tribes not have known more about what was going on? I understand the isolationist philosophy, but they had family members in town.
8. I knew when Celia arrived it would rock the tribes world because it showed them up close and personal what Bryn and Peter had been telling them. It forced them to open their eyes that it was happening and it was a lot closer than they even suspected.

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