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For those who haven't read the Paradise or Circle books...

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Melissa Did you find the ending of this book confusing having not read the books it was tied into?

I've read everything Dekker has written, so I understood the reference to his other books but am curious about whether or not is confusing for those who haven't.

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Ezekiel Carsella what was the reference to the Circle? I never read circle but first books i read by Dekker was the Paradise trilogy (all three in 48 hours) and i understood that reference (which i loved!) but what was the circle reference?

Melissa The Paradise books and the circle books are connected, as well.

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Ezekiel Carsella really? ugh. now i gotta go read the circle series :P

Melissa The teen books in the Circle series show more of Paradise than the main series does, but there is still a connection. One of my favorite things about Dekker is that he connects his books. It is like meeting up with old friends, or in the case of Marsuvees Black, an old nemesis.

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Ezekiel Carsella marsuvees black was nothing. my man was the Englishman. so you are saying the circle is really tied into Paradise? that's cool. i mean i knew when I read the last in Paradise there was more to be used.

Melissa Yes, there is a tie. It isn't a big enough tie that one would be lost if they didn't read both series, but it is big enough that a fan of either series would appreciate the tie in.

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