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message 1: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Bray (charlie-bray) | 40 comments Ask any self-published author for his/her wish list and top of that list would be a desire to sell more books. In some cases it would be a desire to sell any books.

If you then asked what marketing strategy would probably guarantee a level of sales success, they would undoubtedly list the following:

Book review; author interview; guest blog; book showcase; blog/website links; books featured in a busy Indie Book Store; constant exposure on social media sites.

Well I set up INDIETRIBE GOLD to provide all this and then some. I would be delighted to start promoting any author who would like to benefit.

INDIETRIBE GOLD membership does not come free, so look away now if that horrifies you. But, actually it costs less than a good meal out with your partner.

So go on, make a sandwich instead and join INDIETRIBE GOLD

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott Bury (scottbury) | 38 comments The link does not work.

message 3: by Charlie (new)

Charlie Bray (charlie-bray) | 40 comments Hi Scott,
Apologies. We've moved to our own website since this post and quite a lot has changed.
Please visit to see what's current.
Best regards,

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