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real books versus e-books

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message 1: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (sinfullykarmatic) I like our e-reader, It is easy and more convenient to lug around. I find I only want to read two books or so back to back on it and then I want a real book = ) I love to see the amount I have left to read, The smell and the weight and nothing beats curling up with a good book. I like both but nothing is like a real to life book!

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Phoebe (maryphoebe) | 2 comments I love books more over e-books but it doesn't mean I am restricting myself to the new era.

Books are treasures you can keep forever while e-books are too but they are just one click away to be deleted.

message 3: by Nancym (new)

Nancym (nancym1031) | 15 comments Stephen wrote: "What do people think about reading books on kindles, amazon readers, etc, over reading a real book where you can feel the pages and leaf through the book?

Myself, I prefer to read a novel in it's ..."

I use both. I find that I can only read light novels on the ebook. I enjoy reading a lot of non fiction, which often involves flipping from page to page. Not easily done with an ebook. The bookmark function is useless unless you know in advance that you will want to go back to that page. This generally does not happen with my reading style. I was recently made aware of a new periodical reader Zinnio-- again it is almost impossible to read anything with this reader. The fonts are too small and if you blow them up only part of the page is visible. The large partial page fonts make it impossible to navigate the page.

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam (theliteraryhooker) I don't think my Lobo will ever replace my book collection, but it's definitely handy to have. I still prefer actual physical books, but I really love being able to check ebooks out of the library from home or from my phone. That's probably the number one perk to ebooks for me, along with the fact that there are so many free classics. I've probably read more classics in the 3 years I've had my Kobo than in the rest of the time I've been reading.

message 5: by Anastasia (last edited Apr 03, 2013 01:01PM) (new)

Anastasia Abboud (anastasiaabboud) | 17 comments Nightstand before: current novel, current nonfiction book, Bible, book of prayers, book of meditations, another book of meditations, possibly one other novel

Nightstand now: my Ereader

My Ereader holds my place, it's portable and very light, it's backlit, it saves space, and it's in sync with my phone, laptop, and even my other, older Ereader. I have lots of free classics, reference books, games, and even documents in my e-library. What's not to love?

That being said, I still love traditional books. My Ereader can't quite replace a coffee table book; it's not the best for lavish illustrations. Also, my hardcover Bible remains an unparalleled treasure.

My answer: I love both!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I am torn. On the one hand I love the feel and smell of a book in your hands and if you get a new book you usually have to wait for it to arrive. On the other hand my kindle is a lot smaller and holds a ton of books all in one little device and you download the books immediately but not all the books are on the e-library and sometimes its cheaper to order it in paperback/hardcover than it is to get it digital,which I think is a little twisted,after all the book has to be bound and covered the e-book is just a file. All in all tho I couldn't give up either my books or my kindle as I love both.

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex I just recently got a Kindle and I looooove it!
I still prefer real books to eBooks but I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

message 8: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Huff | 6 comments I never thought I would like an eReader... but then I got my NookColor! I had just finished reading Under the Dome by Stephen King so lugging that book around (over 1200 pages) got to be annoying. Then I got the Nook... and now I can carry around hundreds of books with me where ever I go. I was always trying to carry 2 books with me in case I finished the one while I was not at home, I can't NOT have something to read! The eReader was the solution. I got my Nook 3 years ago and I think I have only read one REAL book since. Also, now my mom has a NookColor, my dad has a Kindle Fire, and my sister has a Kindle Fire. I think it is good for when your eyes are tired or if your eyesite is not very good. You can adjust the font, spacing, background color, etc. AND if there is a work in a book that I don't know what it means, I can look it up easily!

message 9: by Dean (new)

Dean MacAllister (deanmacallister) I haven't read an ebook yet....yet I have published a book thats available as an ebook as well. I think that they are great...people only paying a few dollars to get a book instantly from wherever they are...don't know if they are for me though.

message 10: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 37 comments I'm old fashioned and I prefer real books and if I see a sentence I like or a good quote I tend to underline them. But I also have a kindle which is great to use if I am waiting in the doctors waiting rooms and other places where carrying books is a nuisance.

But I will never give up buying old fashioned 'real books.' But I do wonder when the publishers will give up on Hardbacks and go straight to paperback?

message 11: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 42 comments I do both. I used to think I preferred only "real" books, but last year, I tripled the books I read because of my e-reader. I love being able to look up words at the touch of a screen, I love being able to size the text to my liking, I like having the dark background with light letters. And the reality is that I'm reading more than ever.

But. I do NOT like that the books you buy aren't really yours--If I buy a book, I should be able to legally lend it to someone until they return it to me. And not just one time, either, but as many times as it takes. I don't like that e-books have an arbitrary number of times a library can lend them out before a library has to re-buy it. Electronic books don't wear out, so a library could pay more for it then own it indefinitely. I do not like that the e-book is sending our libraries into nothingness. I teach too many kids whose only access to a book is through a public library or school library.

Finally, for the special books--special editions, hardcovers, favorites--I still buy the hard cover version. It seems to make the books more special because they are concrete and present in a way an e-book can't be.

message 12: by Andy (new)

Andy Real Books all the way. there's just something off about holding like a kindle or something. it doesn't feel right. it feels fake. and it doesn't smell the same. Also, i like carrying around two or three books at a time. I am constantly reading and the weight of the book is not going to stop.

Also, did you know that when you read online and have things like notifications/alerts on, you are rewiring your brain to become more easily distracted and soon you won't be able to read a book in one sitting. That would be horrible. Books are like my life. no joke.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Andrea wrote: "Real Books all the way. there's just something off about holding like a kindle or something. it doesn't feel right. it feels fake. and it doesn't smell the same. Also, i like carrying around two or..."
oh there's *something* in that.

message 14: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 15 comments I'm a big reader and looove books. I love the smell of them the feel of them and being able to exchange them at my local used book store when I'm done with them. I struggled for over a year about getting a nook or kindle I honestly thought it would be a waste of money and I would hate it. Finally my curiosity got the best of me and I purchased a Nook simple touch with glow light and it is frickin awesome. I love being able to get a new book with the touch of my finger any time I want. I love the light on it so I can read in bed or when the light's to low. I love being able to look up a word I don't know the definition to. And mostly I love being able to get free books to borrow from my local library. That being said "real" books will remain my first and true love. There's nothing like browsing a bookstore in search of a new adventure and being able to physically touch and smell that new or used book. Plus I love the illustrations on the covers of books and deciding if that book is going to be a keeper or go to the used book store for trade. My opinion is it doesn't need to be one or the other you can enjoy both.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Real book person sorry.

message 16: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 37 comments And don't you just love the smell of an old book shop with it's musty, camphor, dusty aroma and the books all stacked higgeldy piggeldy...It's heaven..Book heaven lol.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Heck yeah I do! ^_^

message 18: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Perry | 229 comments My husband just asked me today if I wanted a nook for my bday I said no way just give me a two hundred dollar gift card to books a million

message 19: by fabby (new)

fabby | 480 comments for me its has always been a matter of convenience i love having a book to hold but e-books will do i usually have the same book in my computer,cell and if possible paperback so i can keep reading it while im out

message 20: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Perry | 229 comments I am clumsy so a device of any kind is out of the question I washed my 3 times. I would lose it or break it

message 21: by Nancym (new)

Nancym (nancym1031) | 15 comments Adrienne wrote: "I'm a big reader and looove books. I love the smell of them the feel of them and being able to exchange them at my local used book store when I'm done with them. I struggled for over a year about ..."

I love books but indeed the soft glow of the Kindle can draw you in. I purchased a book on the painting of John Singer Sargent and it did a good job with the pictures.

message 22: by Sydney (last edited Mar 23, 2013 02:26AM) (new)

Sydney Mugerwa (corrosivemind) Where I live,real books are so scarce and so expensive. If I was to depend on only real books, I would not have read the amount of books I have read in pdf, epub, mobi and text formats.
I love real books but I am also aware that it takes lots of trees to print all these books. I use Aldiko Premium ebook reader on my smartphone and after a while, it doesn't matter that I am holding a smooth warm gadget as opposed to a scented paperback. I am reading, that is all that matters

message 23: by Melissa (last edited Mar 23, 2013 05:37AM) (new)

Melissa Eisenmeier (carpelibrumbooks) I prefer real books. Electronic stuff grates on my nerves- it wears out too quick, my laptop and cell phone need to be charged too often for me, and I can't read electronically during certain points of an airplane flight.
Rebecca wrote: "I'm old fashioned and I prefer real books and if I see a sentence I like or a good quote I tend to underline them. But I also have a kindle which is great to use if I am waiting in the doctors wait..."

My doctor's office frowns on people using cell phones and other electronic devices in their office, so an ereader would be a no-go there.

message 24: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra  (cherry_crush) | 30 comments E-books are easier to get, cheaper, and convenient But there's something so alluring about the way a real book smells, and looks. Nothing makes me happier than coming home with a bunch of books. I can spend hours and hours in bookshops without getting bored. Real books are irreplacebale.

message 25: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy can't stand ereaders. I have an affinity with real books that I don't wish to give up. the feel, the smell, loaded shelves, taking an unread book off the shelf just to put it back in a few days with a great sense of accomplishment...there is no comparison for me.

message 26: by Katsumi (new)

Katsumi (katsumi20) | 4 comments I love real books. I love its smell and how it looks. You can read books everywhere without even worrying about any bad guys stealing your stuff. But ebooks are cheaper. I live in a small house so buying books is not a great thing to do cuz of very limited space so ebooks are way practical than real books.

message 27: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Mcconnell I love my Kindle for ease, but you can't curl up with it like you can a book.

message 28: by Tee (new)

Tee I love the title o this thread: Real books vs EBooks...
You guys all know that an ebook is ALSO a real book right?
Perhaps you mean a physical book vs an ebook?

To me, this argument is futile. The format matters not, it's the literature that matters...the words the author wrote...I, personally, don't care what format it's in.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Ebooks just bug me. I've tried reading on my gramma's iPad but I just can't do it.

message 30: by Abby (new)

Abby | 10 comments The one thing I like about kindle is you don't have to worry about crazy font, but it's just not the same

message 31: by Ellie (new)

Ellie Rodriguez (elliebloo) | 12 comments There's nothing like the feel of a good book. You can't get that with an e reader but if you want to carry a small library with you, there's no other way. I love the possibility.

message 32: by Angel (new)

Angel I love my Nook, especially the ability to finish one book and start another no matter where I'm at. After spending countless hours in an OR waiting room it was absolutely my favorite feature. I got my Nook (grudgingly) a few years ago when Borders went out of business and the small community where I live didn't have a bookstore. Not wanting to drive 30-60 minutes (or wait patiently for it to arrive in the mail) to buy a book I made one trip and got my Nook. I still have lots of books. But I can also carry a library in my purse.

message 33: by Susan (new)

Susan | 6 comments I love my Kindle, but I still love reading physical books as well. I could never see giving up the physical books completely.

message 34: by Kirra (new)

Kirra | 12 comments There is nothing better than the feel and the smell of a new book. I can see the benefits of an ebook, but I still prefer a physical book.

message 36: by Joanne (new)

Joanne I still read both but I don't carry books around anymore just my Kindle - its great and I can select a book that matches my mood.

message 37: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Perry | 229 comments until they make devices that are indestructible I will not own one. I am just to clumsy to have one. I love having my books to arrange and get signed and everything.

message 38: by Kate (new)

Kate Manning | 5 comments I love books more but e book ....r sooo cool I can also carry a library in my purse. i wouldn't mind having ebooks and books but my ipad great and I can select a book that matches my mood.

message 39: by Lanie (new)

Lanie Jordan (lanie_jordan) | 27 comments I love ebooks. My hands tend to bother me a lot, so holding a real book is painful. Trying to read a paper book is just...odd. Big and clunky.

I will say that I'll always keep copies in paperback/hardback of Harry Potter. I just loved them enough to want them in every possible format.

( I still do dream of having a huge library, filled floor-to-ceiling with books, though. :D )

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Get out of my head Lanie.. lol My hands hurt trying to hold a book- Between the hands and the eyes I hadn't read a book in years and I missed it- I received my first Kindle Jan 2012 and all those worlds opened up for me again- I just gave my youngest that first Kindle as hubby gave me a paperwhite for Christmas.

All of my girls are avid readers and love books in general. And I Know our favorites will still be on the shelf as well as on the cloud.

message 41: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 41 comments I honestly used to think that I would always be team real book, but then I downloaded some free books onto my ibooks, and said "well, they're free, lemme just try it" and I actually really enjoy ebooks now. Theyre perfect for me beacause I tend to read at night mostly so now its built in with light and its not heavy at all so i get to carry a whole library with me!!

message 42: by Arwen (new)

Arwen I like books rather than e-books. there is something i like about a book, the smell and the feel of pages but i really prefer it towards an electronic that will have no special value. plus books are so much more rewarding to finish

message 43: by Michael (new)

Michael (lovechild) | 280 comments Have to have them all.
Paper books
audio books
I feel they complement each other. When it comes down to it I love buying Hard Bound books. The look and the feel, the way they look on my bookshelf just makes me happier then any of the others.

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

real books just feel better to me. i love the feeling of turning a page

message 45: by Jassy (new)

Jassy Jay | 15 comments Both have their pro and cons but I don't want to decide which way to read is better.
I love both. Now I'm reading more e-books than real ones but that's mostly because I don't have any space for real books^^
But I like to have both.

message 46: by Dawn (new)

Dawn I love real books. You just can't beat the smell and feel of them. But, with an e-book, I can read whenever and wherever I want to. I read in bed every night and I can see clearly without needing all of the lights be on, bothering my boyfriend. It's made me an e-book lover :)

message 47: by Janessa (new)

Janessa | 215 comments I love a real book as well as my nook! I mainly got my nook because before I was reading on my iPhone which was hurting my hand when I held it for long periods of time and my eyes as well, the screen is just too small to read it.
The nook is easier to carry and read in different places, such as backstage when I have down time during the run of a show. backstage there is not enough light to read a real book by.

message 48: by Dawnann (new)

Dawnann Netherton | 4 comments I love the feel and smell of used books not new I prefer to buy them cheaper lol. But I had so many that moving them became way to expensive and the Kindle ereader I have 18,000 book on the cloud and you don't have to download them until you want to read it. I love the convenience the ability to have so so many different books in all the genres and across the board in variety. 80% of mine were free the rest at most cost me between 2.99 and 3.99 and you can't even buy a paperback for that cheap. Yes I will always love the feel of an actual book but I am an Aquarius and get bored very easily and love being able to take and bring with me so many different books. It is very hard when you go on vacation and try to bring enough stuff and especially books. This is so much easier and I have at least 4 tablets now and I have my own Kindle paperweight, I can read it at night and it doesn't bother my husband since I can adjust the brightness. There are a lot of resources for free Kindle books so that is another plus.

message 49: by Michael (new)

Michael Henderson (Michael_Henderson) | 10 comments I love real books, as well, but they have the disadvantages mentioned by Dawnann. My wife bought a Kindle when they first came out. The screen was kinda small, but worst of all, the contrast was terrible.

I waited until the Paperwhite came out, and I love it. The contrast is perfect, and you never have to worry about having enough light. And it's not backlit. I also read real books, but that will probably stop soon, as I am almost out of books.

I live in Venice (Italy) where books are ridiculously expensive, and bookstores are closing. I pay less on the Kindle, get the thing immediately, don't ever have to box it up and move it, and I've found the experience of reading it to be just as rewarding and more comfortable than a real book.

In five years, you won't be able to buy a paper book, except through a machine (Espresso). They are quickly becoming luxury items because of the price.

Michael E. Henderson

message 50: by Michael (new)

Michael Henderson (Michael_Henderson) | 10 comments Kyle ~Special K: Rebel Leader~ wrote: "I read the traditional way. With a book in my hands. I love the texture and smell of a book. I'll never get an e-reader, a nook or a kindle."

Yes you will.

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