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Sophie I would like to write a Hunger Games Fan- Fiction story but I need ideas! Please tell me you best Hunger Games Fan- Fiction idea.

Maybe you always wanted to now what Clove's back story was or how Gale felt during the 74th Hunger Games.

I may or may not post the stories that come out of it.

You can also post your own fan- fiction for the Hunger Games

Sophie C'mon, I know you view this. Please help!

Sophie Why?! I need help.

Please give me some ideas.


Sierra Maybe you could write about Rue or something :)

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I've seen to many fan fiction based on characters like Gale and Prim an such. you should try with someone who's not really a powerful character and tell a story from their view 2

Sophie Thank you so much!

I like the idea to show the 74th hunger games from Gale's viewpoint. I think I will work on that one.

I will try to post it when I am done.

Sophie I like the Foxface one.

Sophie I would love to see it!!!

Gabby I'm surprised no one has mentioned Peeta and Katniss's kids.

Sophie Yeah, I would like to focas on people like the original tributes.

It would be interesting though.

Gabby Okay :) That's cool :)

Sophie Yeah I am working on it now. I like the idea though.

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Olivia Sophie wrote: "Yeah I am working on it now. I like the idea though."

sound cool.

Sophie Thanks

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Olivia wb if u did one about Katniss sis and Rue?

Sophie maybe, I might cry :)

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Luke D. foxface liking thresh and when she got the food gave some to fresh and have a secret allience

Sophie wow it is good

i'm sorry i am taking so long to write.

i have like three assignments due on tuesdsay.


Sophie you're welcome

Sophie I've started a bit here it is (I'm not really sure what to make Gale think:
I’m following a swinging brown braid through the woods, our woods. I’m tracking her, following her footsteps.

I step on a twig and it cracks, the snap echoing through the forest. The owner of the hypnotizing, swaying brown braid turns around. I open my arms, about to envelope Katniss in my arms but suddenly her face twists grotesquely and I am left staring into the shrieking features of Effie Trinket.
“42!” she yells triumphantly. “42 entries. Gale Hawthorn, welcome to the 74th Hunger Games!”

I sit bolt upright, sweat pouring off me. My mother looks up from her washing board. Even with me hunting she often works through the night.
“42?” she says.
I nod. A sad smile causes the wrinkles in her face to be distorted by shadow and light.
“Well, Katniss is waiting. Hunt a bit before she arrives.”
I grab my game bag and head to the door.

“Oh, and Gale, you’ll make a great couple someday.”

“What!” I splutter, my face colouring. “She’s never getting married, she doesn’t want that.”

“Ah, but you do. I know these things. I know the signs. It was the same with you’re father and me, he was popular with the ladies too.”

I look at her, trying not to look guilty while trying not to laugh. She had some sort of sixth sense.

Gabby I like it!! I love Gale and that's so cool!!

Sophie Really!! Thanks!!!

What could I improve?
What should happen next?

Gabby Hmmmm, is he going to see Katniss at all? Where does this take place? Before/in the middle of/at the end of the series?

Sophie This is happening a bit before the beginning of the first book in the hunger games when Katniss wakes up. He is having a dream and then wakes up.

Sophie Thanks!!!

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Lia i think ther should be one about Gale, becuse he is not really in the books. and plez no gale X Katniss

Sophie I like Gale but he is not right for Katniss.

Arielle Rae Aguilar Make a fanfiction that is about The Hunger Games being done in present time and Katniss is your normal average teenager

Sophie Yeah, that's cool. I have another idea.
What about the life of a capitol girl, we get to see it from their perspective.

Selina Sophie....
I found this discussion on Goodreads....



I have no idea why you think that... They are better off as just friends or hunting partners. If she ended up with him I would have been like "Good luck with that bish honey" By the way I am Team Everlark

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I have no idea why you think that... They are better off as just friends or hunting partners. If she ended up with..."

ok that kind of interesting.

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Olivia i kind of wonder does anyone can make up their own fan fic that about HG?

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Katniss Lover Right now I'm making a fan fiction on the hunger games. It's about the 15 year time period between Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch coming back to District 12, to birth of Katniss and Peeta's children.

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Kat Sophie wrote: "Yeah, that's cool. I have another idea.
What about the life of a capitol girl, we get to see it from their perspective."

I love this idea! I would really love to read a fanfic about it!

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Clove and Cato A Clove and Cato fanfiction would be awesome!!! The REAL story of Clato

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I am gonna make a Fan-Fiction for Cecelia from the [75th Hunger Games]

TeamEdwardIsCatching who was cecelia again?

TeamEdwardIsCatching nevermind I found it

TeamEdwardIsCatching I could make one on annie's hunger games?

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TeamEdwardIsCatching wrote: "nevermind I found it"

woman from 8 with the 3 kids

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TeamEdwardIsCatching wrote: "I could make one on annie's hunger games?"

that will be cool
P.S. I will make a discussion on Hunger Games Fan Fic's for everybody who wants to put theirs on there

TeamEdwardIsCatching also I know this is kinda weird but my friend and I have wrote some of a book. It's not a fan fiction or anything but its a book my friend and I are writing

TeamEdwardIsCatching Chapter 1
By: Mattie Jane and Grace Evelina

I don’t know what I was doing here but somehow I ended up in my friend Amani’s backyard, sitting in our treehouse. “ Jade is that you?” called Amani’s mom Julie. I walked over to the back porch of 102 Orchard Lane to grab one of Julie’s famous cookies. “Amani! Mae is here!” she called as Mae walked over to us, “ Not right now Ms. Johansen, we're busy” I begged to her because me and Amani were really interested in this new boy band, after all we are just thirteen.
Amani’s dad left her when she was three years old, he said he had to get gas and never came back. She was always so hopeful for that man who left her, but I knew that he would never come back. I met her when we moved here from Arizona, my dad owns a car company and that forced us to move a lot, so i'm not expecting to stay here for long.
My mom enrolled me in Pine Street Middle School where she said that I'll make a lot of friends. I guess she was right, I had only made two friends this year, Mae and Amani. Our parents called us JAM because we were each others JAMs, I think its a stupid name.
We’ve begged them over and over to stop but they don’t, But thanks to Jessica the bully at our school who claims to be one of our BFFs, tells our parents to repeatedly call us that because she likes it seeing as it makes us seem like babies
“Jade, JADE!” I finally realized that Mae was calling me to join her at her house since we all lived a block away from each other, we walked to Mae’s house quickly because at the same moment the three of our stomachs growled hectically. Once we got to Mae’s house we all got to the kitchen and got some of Mr. Mosbey’s famous lasagna out of the fridge “beef lasagna again! we have it every night” complained Mae. “ That's because I’m famous for it honey popkins.” “DAD don’t call me that” he laughed as he walked through the door into the kitchen.
We immediately walked to the basement while me and Amani laughed at a joke that Mae told us. As Mr. Mosbey brought down our lasagna, Amani and I cheered while Mae just groaned. “ Mae can I talk to you for a minute?” Mae’s dad called, “Sure Dad, what do ya need” Mae responded as she walked out of the room.
Amani and I chatted about the new boy band, Tears Of Glass. After about five minutes, Mae walked back into the room in tears streaming down her face. “ could-d-d you p-p-please go I-I don’t feel w-w-well” Mae cried. She said everything too dramatically, so I knew that she was hiding something.
As Amani and I were rushed out of the house by Mr. Mosbey; we started to think about all the times Mae used that excuse, we counted all too many.
I woke up in the middle of the night to a mysterious number on my cell phone; I declined but my phone continuously kept ringing off the hook. So I decided to answer the number as I nervously said “hello” in a sandpaper rough voice, It said “Hello there Jade we've been expecting you for a long time” the raspy voice spoke. “ Huh? What’s going on?’’
I was exhausted and didn’t know what was real and what was a dream, but as I fell out of drowsiness I knew this was a reality and was instantly terrified as I realized the voice was from one of Mae’s voice modulator, I knew she was hiding something and I had to figure it out. I didn’t know who I could trust and if I could trust the person on the other side of the phone.

Chapter 2

As I fell back into slumber I kept seeing images of Mae in a dark hood playing with the voice modulator as her dad said “time for dinner,” not noticing Mae’s dark look. Finally I woke up from that very realistic nightmare. “Jade breakfast!” beckoned my mom. I really wanted to tell Amani but I guess it would have to wait a little longer. As I finished breakfast I could see flashing images of Mae in her hood sitting across from me at the dining room table eating bacon. I shook it off and headed for school on my bike.
As I arrived at school I heard a familiar voice “Hey Jade! Wait up!” Mae called after me. I ignored her because I didn’t want to talk with her. I wanted to get to the bottom of this. “ HEY! Jade, why are you ignoring me, what did I do wrong?” She cried “ how many times did you use that excuse?! I can’t deal with this anymore!” I screamed back. “ What excuse?” She called back, “ If you really don’t know why were you crying when you came back into the basement last night?” I blared back,I realized that everyone was looking at me now “ my dad was chopping onions okay!!!” I could tell she was getting angry now. But I didn’t care how many pathetic excuses she gave me I KNEW with every ounce of my body Mae was up to something, not just a halloween prank but something bigger, but what?
Finally I was at school and thankfully Mae and I only had one class together which was science and that wasn’t until the second to last period of the day, which today I was thankful for.
Amani and I have homeroom, math and science together which was definitely helpful. In homeroom I decided to tell her about my dream. She thought it was a weird dream and didn’t want to believe it after all Mae and Amani had been best friends since 3rd grade and I had only been in Phoenix for a year. so i'm not surprised that Amani took Mae’s side in this argument. But after school I got the same call from the same blocked number (I blocked them after the raspy voice call but this time I said “um hi Mae” and she hung up because she knew that I knew her secret.
I knew Mae was the one on the other side of the phone but I couldn't put my finger on why she would do that to me. I knew who I could trust, Mrs.Johanson Because I knew that Ms. J had gone through too much and would do anything to protect her daughter; and those she loved. I knew two things for certain one Mae was behind all this, and I would do anything to protect my family and friends as well.
So the next night when Mae called me again I was prepared. To fight Back and save my friends and family.
Chapter 3

At school the next day as our teacher droned on and on and on it seemed just as bad as professor Binns from Harry Potter. I decided that if I got another call from Mae I would report her to the police and since my mom is the chief of the police department I would just ask her for help. Hopefully this didn’t escalate to involve more than my mom.
I was just about done with my homework when Noah my older brother butts into my room and hollered “ WHY AREN’T MAE AND AMANI HERE I THOUGHT YOU WERE FRIENDS, wait if you don’t hang out with the only friends you have that means… YOUR FRIENDLESS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” he mocked me. “ I AM NOT FRIENDLESS, THEY UMMMMM, THEY HAD A SCHOOL PROJECT, IDIOT,” I screamed to him. Sometimes I hate Noah. He can be SOOO annoying. I wish I had an older sister to help me in all of this.
He drives me bananas, he has Tourettes, it means that he has uncontrollable muscle spasms such as smacking himself, barking, blinking, A LOT of spitting and a large amount of screaming. I wish we could have like one day a year where we could be as violent to each other as we wanted. I know it's probably bad but I can get so Irritated with him, that I just want to kick and punch and scream, but he does that already, and it's so not fair but Noah can’t do any wrong because he has a condition.
Sometimes I go into my room and punch and kick my pillow so I can get my anger out. But one time my pillow broke and the feathers went EVERYWHERE, I’m not kidding.
But what can I do, there’s no cure for Tourettes, that why I want to be a physical therapist, so I could help Noah, but for now, I found a support group at the local elementary school.I tried to convince him to try it out BUT HE JUST WON'T LISTEN!!!! But I signed him up anyways, Amani and Mae thought it was really funny. I convinced my mom to make him try it out, he went once and never went back.
But I can’t say I blame him he took one look at all the first graders and left. I guess he’s fifteen though, so hanging out with a bunch of first graders probably isn’t his idea of fun. The little kids got a kick out of it though.

Since it's about 10:00 I have to go to bed and I'm expecting a call from Mae. Here we go again. I heard Noah Bark and scream but I've gotten used to it by now. I went to bed and woke up to Mae calling me. it was 8:15 again and so I went to school.
I decided to go and get Amani and at least try and convince her that Mae is evil, the day went by as normal, me avoiding Mae and Amani not believing me.
I was listening to one of my favorite songs Thousand Years when my mom called me to finish my dinner,and that's when I decided that was the time to ask my mom to help me. She said “with what?” I told her about the whole Mae thing and she said “well you must be out of your mind if you think that Mae, your best friend, would do such a thing,” claimed Mom. Except that made me think of something, what if Mae wasn’t doing it on purpose.
So the that night when Mae called again, I knew I was on my own

Chapter 4

Mr. Copper was being SO annoying, we were learning math and he was just buzzing on and on, his voice was like a ceiling fan on medium high. Since Amani was in my math class I kept trying to pass her notes but it doesn't work when Amani and I are across the room from each other.
When we were at recess I finally got her to believe me, she thought that I had just had a normal call from Mae and she was pulling a prank on me. I trusted Amani so I layed off Mae, for now.
I got home to my brother kicking the couch and spitting everywhere so I just went straight into my room to start on my homework. I had math, science and ELA homework. I groaned but started on them, because I knew what I was going to do the second I got done.
I was going to call Amani so I could talk to her about my theories. I knew she wasn’t going to believe me but I would try anyways. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before but I blocked Mae’s and Mae’s voice modulators numbers. Then I called Amani to explain everything.
“ Hello?” She answered my call very quickly. Once I was on the call I heard Amami’s voice but it sounded a little different but I said “Hi Amani, we need to talk. I know you don’t want to believe me but I KNOW Mae is…” Amani interrupted my saying in a robot-like voice “Mae is innocent and my best friend.” I continued with my sentence “... behind all the masked calls. I don’t know how or what is happening but the calls all have the same voice as Mae’s voice modulators. We always wondered why she had so many but I think I know.” she tried to start talking but I cut her off. “Amani, I get that she’s your best friend but you might have to accept the fact that she might be the bad guy of …” Amani cut me off again but this time it was different, it sounded like her normal voice “umm hi Jade whatcha doin, I’m just a Mae’s house do you want to come over to hang out with me and Mae? what were we talking about again?” then I just hung up the phone, I didn’t know what to do.
I took Amani up on her offer so I could investigate the Mosbey household, so I walked over to Mae’s house. When I got there Mae and Amani had that weird robot voice, but then out of the blue Mr. Mosbey had this old fashioned pocket watch. I don't remember what happened next, but I woke up the next morning to a splitting headache.

Chapter 5

As I awoke the next morning I wondered why I couldn’t remember what happened at the Mosbey’s house, I decided to go and investigate. Once I walked a block and three quarters I went inside to go see Mae, but everything was changed, in every room there was a new coat of paint and the furniture was moved around, but come to think of it, I have never been in Mae’s room.
Just as I was wandering around the Mosbey house I heard a voice saying “hello Jade we’ve been expecting you,” but as I stepped on a loose plank my phone rang and the voice disappeared into a small cupboard.
I was greeted by Mae’s dad Arthur as he

TeamEdwardIsCatching its not done yet

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TeamEdwardIsCatching wrote: "its not done yet"


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never mind I can't do the Fan Fiction thing yet

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Carter wrote: "never mind I can't do the Fan Fiction thing yet"


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