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R.W. Peake Please post my third book.
Marching With Caesar-Antony and Cleopatra: Part I- Antony.
R.W. Peake
ISBN: 978-0-9857030-7-3
Publisher: Self
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2013
Format: E-book, print

In the third book of the critically acclaimed Marching With Caesar series, Titus Pullus and his 10th Legion are still in the thick of the maelstrom that follows after the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar. As part of the army jointly commanded by the young Gaius Octavian and Marcus Antonius, Titus and his comrades avenge the death of their general Caesar at Philippi, with the defeat of the last of The Liberators, Brutus and Cassius. When the two triumphant generals divide their victorious army between them, the 10th Legion is fated to serve under the command of the older Triumvir, Marcus Antonius, who leads them on a campaign into the wilds of Parthia. Throughout all of the trials and amid the danger that is inherent in this endeavor, Titus must also steer a course through the increasingly turbulent and dangerous waters as the last two remaining rivals for the ultimate prize of being the First Man in Rome move ever closer to a final confrontation, one in which every Roman in the Legions must choose a side. At stake is not just his own reputation and life, but the fate of his beloved 10th Legion!

Marching With Caesar-Antony and Cleopatra Part I-Antony is the first of the two-volume Marching With Caesar-Antony and Cleopatra.

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vicki_girl | 2765 comments Looks like someone got it:

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