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questions > Reviews.list returns not authorized, even for user with 'anyone can view' profile?

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message 1: by Dan (new)

Dan Becker (danbecker) The reviews.list documentation says that Oauth should not be needed to view books on a shelf whose owner's profile visibility is set to 'anyone' - as mine is.

However I am getting a 'not authorized' when I try to view the books on my to-read shelf (and any other shelf I tried) with my API key when I don't do Oauth first.

Here's a repro case (API key redacted - you'll get an invalid API key if you try it like this; put in a valid API key to see the not authorized error):

My hunch is that this is simply a matter of the docs being out of sync with the code, and like this report about always getting Not Authorized, I should just use OAuth.

Or am I doing something silly that's causing this?

message 2: by Ettore (new)

Ettore Pasquini In the example you provided you are using a user_id parameter, change that to just "id" and it should work, e.g.:

message 3: by Dan (new)

Dan Becker (danbecker) Thanks! I will try that out.

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