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Name: Sam
Age: 24
he has short brown hair and blue eyes.

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Ok I'll start. Can we do the perpousle first

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Ok and you do sex right?
Lacy smiled, singing along happily to the songs of tim magraw. She was standing next to tbe most amazing person she had ever known. Her boyfriend

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not usually...but sometimes...
Sam smiled at Lacy,he was happy. and very exited about later that day.

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Ok how about he aranged to ask her on stage after tim magraw sang their song

She smilec as their song came on "hey its our song!"

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he smiled,"yup."

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She smiled and started slow dancing with him

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he danced with her smiling.

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All to soon, the song was over. Tim magraw paused for a moment "alright before I go on, id like to invite a young man I met before tbe show started here tonight. Can y'all put your hands togeather for sam kerston." He said. Lacy got an extreamly confused face as he let her go and started for the stage

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Sam smiled and walked up onto the stage and thanked Tim magraw before walking up to the microphone and turning it on.

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Lacy smiled and started clapping along with everyone else

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Sam waited until the audience quieted down the he spoke,"i am here today to ask the most amazing person i know a very important question."he smiled at Lacy,"Lacy would you join me up here please?"he asked offering her a hand up onto the stage with him.

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(Dude...he needs to have her come up on stage)

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(*sighs*give me a minute)

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She went on stag with him, wonderinh what was so important

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he smiled and pulled the ring case behind his back and keeled down and opened the case,"Lacy,will you marry me?"he asked smiling

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She gasped, then nodded, trying to find the word "yes!"

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he smiled and took her hand in his and slipped the ring on her finger.

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She hugged him, wiping tears from her face

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He hugged her back smiling happily.

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She smiled as they left the stage. The crowd was absulut,y deafaning

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He smiled and kissed her cheek softly.

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Lacy woke up as tge boat came to a stop at the small privet island wherd she and sam would be spending their honeymon

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Sam looked at Lacy and smiled,"were here."

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She yawned and smiled at him

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Sam smiled back,"still sleepy?" he asked

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"A little bit."

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"A little bit."

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he nodded smiling,"so what do you want to do on or honeymoon?"he asked

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"Hmm..can we start by taking the bags inside?"

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he chuckled and nodded picking up the bags.

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She smiled and helped him

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