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J. Young (jstevenyoung) | 1 comments The balance between good and evil is a perilous thing. This is especially true for the world of Ersetu. Chaos has begun to manifest upon the lands, threatening to tear the world apart, again. Three children of seven bloodlines are born to be instruments of change in the balance, but their roles are each different. Shuran grows quickly into his powers but he needs guidance and support to wage a war against the darkness taking over his sister Salmetu, Priestess to the Order of Chaos. Can he fight the desire to spare his own sister for the sake of an entire world? Will he ever find his father, who left on a quest before he was even born? Will he find the help he needs with the seven races of men? Can his sacrificed sister's spirit find rest? Follow Shuran’s journey of self discovery and unraveling the ancient history of Ersetu and the Telukukal that disappeared millennia ago when the struggle of dark and light began… Full of magic, wizards, witches, dwarfs, elves, giants, dragons, spirits, dark forces, and more, Shuran will have to find out who to trust, and who is behind the many plots that unravel around him.

Follow along on the journeys of Shuran and his friends as they seek a means to triumph against dark forces and rally the world against the Chaos.

See the preview or borrow free with Amazon Prime on Kindle.

Let me know what you think!

J. Steven Young - Author

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Sharon Hendricks | 7 comments Looks good. Will check it out when I get paid. :)

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