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Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews (jackiefireicebookreviews) If you are an author and you would like to talk about your book, comment here and we will set it up. Also any readers out there who would like to ask an author questions about a book, comment here and we will see what we can do!!!

Jackie - Fire & Ice Book Reviews (jackiefireicebookreviews) Shay would you like to talk about your book? You should go first it is your group lol. I think it would be fun!!! <3

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Ok :)
My book, The Rift (In the group's bookshelf) is a YA gothic/ paranormal horror book. The description on the back of the book goes as follows:
"Is death really the end? or can people come back... Rachael Taylor has returned from the grave with no memory of who she is or which of the two worlds she exists in is real. In one world she is a teenager living what is considered the normal life. In the other she is tormented night and day in a burning city. When strange creatures start to invade both worlds, she must discover what she is before everything collapses."
Without giving away too much, Rachael finds out that she is half-angel and half-demon and has been the subject of prophecies for hundreds of years: ever since the veil keeping Hell out of Earth tore and Heaven and Hell were forced to combine, becoming this burning city that she sees and visits.
There is a love triangle in it (of course :)) involving her sweet, adorable guardian angel who has been desperately in love with her ever since the day he was first assigned her when they were both little kids. His name is Jesse Reynolds and his only purpose in life, the only reason he was born, was to protect and guard her.
The other man in the picture is the angel of death himself; Joshua. He is a man consumed by his own hate and rage after being forced to reap his own mother's soul after murdering the previous angel of death. He has been cursed since that day to lose the only woman he would ever love and has formed an obsession with Rachael, keeping her alive even after she dies more than once.
When his jealousy takes over, Joshua accidentally tears the veil again, releasing one of Heaven's greatest enemies into the world to take it over. Joshua kidnaps Rachael and tries to hide her from the archangels who are searching for her to use her to repair the veil.
Terrified and shocked, Rachael's only comfort is when Jesse forces Joshua to take him along.
The comfort quickly ends when Jesse admitts he sold her to Joshua in order to keep her safe when his limitations were reached in what he could do to protect her.
So any questions whether you have read it or not I will happily answer :)
PS: my favorite character is Jesse. I have always had a thing for the sweet, adorable "baby boy" type characters.

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Michael Brookes (technohippy) The Cult of Me (Book 1) by Michael Brookes

Hi - -I'd like to be considered for interview. My novel 'The Cult of Me' is the first in 'The Third Path' trilogy. Thanks.

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Robert Davis (rbdavis5) | 73 comments If you want I have a book out, Rakasha: Legend of the Hindi Tiger Demon.
I would love to talk about it.

Rakasha: Legend of the Hindi Tiger Demon

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