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Leena (leena23) Sasha walked across campus with her besties, Morgan and Lily. They had math first period, it was going to be interesting to say the least. "So think we'll pass this year? " She asked with a silly grin. The school really shouldn't let them be in the same classes together, it was just looking for trouble.

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Lily trailed in behind the other two, she really wasn't looking forward to this. She saw the seats at the back and pointed past Sasha towards them, "Shall we take those?" She suggested, tucking her hair behind her ear.

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Leena (leena23) (OHHH I thought Lily had bio >.< lemme revise)

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(Aha ;D )

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Jake walk in to see three girls in the room. " Am I in the right place?" he asked as he ran his fingers through his brown curly hair

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"Yeah mate," Aiden snickered as he walked into the room behind the other girl. "Looks like a pretty sweet class, though I'm pretty sure they didn't do co-ed lessons so looks like this is just gonna be fun." He grinned, dropping his bag onto a table and sliding into a seat, but not before his eyes did a skim over the back row, now that was a group of girls worth looking at. He smiled crookedly at them and then emptied the contents of his bag onto the desk.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Jake sat down. Putting his bag on the floor. He didnt know what to do.

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Leena (leena23) Sasha nodded, "Those look perfect Lily, come on Morgue." Sasha said and pulled them to the back where Lily had suggested the sit. Sasha lounged in her seat and noticed a boy looking their way, she gave him a slight wave and an easy smile.

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Morgan plopped down next to lily and Sasha "I dunno sash, maybe we will, miracles happen" she grinned at the boys that walked in

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments " There are some pretty girls in here." He said to the guy who told him he was in the right class

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Lily smiled and leant against the desk, "This is gonna take more than miracles." She muttered, looking towards the front of class. "Might help if the teacher turned up."

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Leena (leena23) "Yeah... oh well, we'll be fine, even if we have to cheat," Sasha whispered with a grin. She knew Lily wasn't the cheating type but it was fun to say things outrageous to see her reaction.

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"Now this is called self confidence." Morgan chuckled, watching the door

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Leena (leena23) Benjamin walked in the door with the girl he had met in the cafeteria, he glanced around and decided to take a seat in the middle.

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Rachel Fliss walked in to the class eating her apple. She looked around there were already a few people in class. She took a seat about the middle of the class.

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Lily rolled her eyes, "For a school full of genius' we're all idiots." She smirked, writing the date at the top of the page.

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"Honestly lil, that's one of the truest things I have ever heard...." Morgan agreed

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Leena (leena23) "Who you calling an idiot?" Sasha said with a grin. "I prefer ditz, or floosy." She teased, then she started drawing on her hand with a sharpie, she was bored already.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Jake saw Ben walk in with a girl. Jake was glad he knows one person in here.

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Rachel Fliss looked around, she didn't see anyone she knew. She took a notepad and pen out of her bag and started doodling.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Jake looked around There were a lot of girls in here. He pulled of notebook and pen and starting writing

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Lily rolled her eyes once again, "I am yet to meet one person who enjoys being called a floosy, are you sure about that?" She chuckled looking at Sasha.

Aiden pulled out his phone and started playing a game as he waited for the class to begin.

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Leena (leena23) "Okay maybe I don't want to be called that, I just like to mess with you Lily," Sasha admitted and finished the drawing of the butterfly on her hand. "So where's teach?"

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literariel | 763 comments Kat wandered in and saw Fliss. She shook her hair out of her eyes and sat down next to her. "Hey," she chirped.

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Rachel Fliss jumped when she heard someone come over. She looked up and saw it was Kat. "Hey Kat, you have maths first period too then?"

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literariel | 763 comments "Yep, same as it's always been for me, at least. Whatcha drawing there?" Kat asked, referring to Fliss's notepad.

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Alex walked in, late and unperturbed. He spotted Sasha and Morgan, and walked over to them, sitting down. He pushed his trademark Ray-Bans onto the top of his head, and fixed his blazer. "Hey. Did I miss much, if any?" he said, looking around and noticing the absence of a teacher.

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"No where apparently." She muttered, doodling in the margin of her book. "So this is basically a free period." Lily said, scribbling little pictures on the page.

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Rachel "Nothing really. Just the start of an eye by the looks of things." Fliss never knew what her doodles were until they were actually done.

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"Then lets get out of here" Morgan said

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literariel | 763 comments "Nice. It looks cool," Kat said, not really knowing anything about how to draw, or drawing in general. "So..."

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Leena (leena23) "Well if its free period lets make it a bit more lively, shall we?" Sasha said with a grin, she pulled out her phone and turned on some music, she turned it all the way up and then got up to start dancing some.

Benjamin looked over as a girl started dancing and playing music. Interesting... He just watched, looking to see if anyone else was going to join in on the fun.

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"That. Is. Amazing." He said, exhaling a breath. Alex wondered if they were going to the Tank for band practice.

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((Who is the teacher?))

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Jake look at the dancing girl. he pulled out his phone and started to text

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Rachel "Thanks," Fliss said to Kat before turning in her chair to look at the girls at the back of the class.

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Leena (leena23) (We have none >.> I suck at math or I would volunteer @.@)

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Rachel ((Same here))

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literariel | 763 comments Kat turned around to look at what Fliss was looking at. She sighed.

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Rachel "Why bother?!" Fliss muttered to no one in particular.

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((Okay. I'll rp it for now, then make a teach later.))

Mr. West strode into the room. He saw Sasha on dancing on a desk, and rolled his eyes and laughed slightly. "Okay, okay, settle down." He said, starting to pass out a blank sheet of paper, and opening up his computer.

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literariel | 763 comments "Hm?" Kat questioned.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Jake looked up and saw a teacher walk he put his phone away and took out his math note book

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Leena (leena23) Sasha jumped down off her desk and sat back down, she turned off her phone and looked up at the teacher that had walked in. "So TEACH whatcha teachin' today?" She chirped.

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Rachel "Oh nothing really, just those girls at the back there," She jerked her head toward them as the teacher walked in the room.

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literariel | 763 comments "I think they're cool," Kat said, shrugging before she turned around and took out a notebook.

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Lily put a hand over her mouth trying not to crack up as Sasha clambered down off the desk and yelled across the room at the teacher.

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Rachel "Your opinion," Fliss just thought it was stupid and annoying, but that was probably the goody-two-shoes side of her speaking out.

Ray-Ray((Supergirl!!)) | 384 comments Jake texted Ben wondering if he wanted to hang out at lunch.

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