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Brianna | 171 comments I liked Drew. He is definitely more than he first appeared. I don't think he really changed much throughout the story, but we did get to see into his character more. I really liked that.

Ashley Claudy (ashleyclaudy) | 46 comments I really liked Drew. He was popular and confident but still befriended the misfits and didn't care what others thought of it. The fact that he stayed friends with josh and sunshine spoke volumes about his charecter and his compassion. He had a good life so I can't blame him for his immaturity and carefree attitude, hes a teen and should have those traits.

His character was my favorite!

Jennifer Thomas | 29 comments Drew is such a great secondary character. We actually learn a lot about him even though we don't get his POV(ha, could you even picture his POV though? That would be fun). Some of the times we see the real Drew is when he is alone with Sunshine at the party the first night she speaks to him. He tells her about the expectations others have, and how he is managing it. It would seem like he shouldn't care about what others think, but he does. Another time is when he and Sarah fight and she then uses him as her self-defense partner, his apology to her is so sweet and so real to me. Then finally, of course, when he tells Sunshine's mom that they are family. Drew is the best!

Drew has a couple of my favorite lines as well, here is my favorite exchange: Drew-"Damn, your girlfriend can bake." Josh-"Not my girlfriend," Drew-"Fine. Your wife." Ah! I love it.

I told Katja that I'm waiting for her to write the Drew/Leigh novella...I want to see them get married and Leigh would then be Leigh Leighton.

Jana He was very real to me, he just wasn't a total arse. He was that bad boy that seems to always end up in these books but yet he was his own total person. He ended up being my favorite character in this book. What he felt for Leigh and why he stopped drinking was very realistic.

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