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Brianna | 171 comments I really, really liked Josh. I thought it was awesome how he showed emotions and acceptance for people by building things for them. Plus, you don't see that kind of hobby often in books, so I thought it was interesting.
He was the character I was first interested in in this story, and I couldn't wait to know more about him. He is one of my favorite parts about this book.

Jennifer Thomas | 29 comments I love Josh's POV in this book, he is one of my favorite all-time literary characters. He is honest, mature beyond his years, talented, pained, and strong. I have highlighted so many Josh quotes, my Kindle looks like a zebra on every page. I found myself aching for him and his pain and just wanting him to have a moment of happiness. I think that is why I love this book so much, is just how complex and simple Josh is, all at the same time. He is not a rock star or a movie star, he is just a very simple guy who is happiest when doing the most mundane tasks with Sunshine. He is talented with his hands and has a passion in woodworking.
One of my other favorite traits of his, is the counting. I do this as well. When I lost my dad, I counted every day, then every week, then month, year, etc. I totally connected with him. I cried during his POV when he says the following- "It's been five weeks since she walked out of my house. I started counting the second the door closed. I wonder when I'll stop." I could totally understand where he was coming from. I think it shows his depth. I also had no problem with what Josh did in chapter 48, it was real and believable. At least it wasn't with just some "random" girl. And finally, he used my favorite book boyfriend line, granted he didn't say it in front of Sunshine but he still said it "Because she's mine..." I love book boyfriends who are possessive.
I totally agree with Sunshine, kissing Josh Bennett is like being saved...

Ashley Claudy (ashleyclaudy) | 46 comments Sunshine said it best: the world needs more josh Bennett's. Loved him

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Delancey I loved the open nature of his personality. He sort of hid himself in the open - dared someone to break the "forcefield" and help him. I also really enjoyed "watching" him work with his hands... I think I already admitted to writing a gushy fan email to Millay after reading this book - I told her that I felt like I was cheating on my hubby with Josh Bennett while I was reading! (She said that she felt like she was cheating on her hubby with him while writing!)

Jana I felt like his plotline or his life really came off really unrealitic. I know its something that could happen but paired together with what sunshine had going on it just felt like an overload of terrible life. I think if he was given some sort of less dramatic plotline it would of complimented the story better. I loved him but it just seemed like to much piled on top of each other.

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