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Here are are


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Niran | 1842 comments Yay! Hi :D
So what type of RP do you want to do?

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Im going to make it general, cuz it probably won't go that well if planned.

1. Realistic - high school setting sort of thing

2. Super Natural - So like warewolves, vampires, wizards

3. Action/Adventure - dansal in destress/fairytale sort of thing.

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Niran | 1842 comments I like number one :)

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yay! so do i.

is it alright if im the girl though? i really suck at playing the dude

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Niran | 1842 comments Nah, I don't mind :P I've heard that I'm pretty good at playing a guy.
Can you make your character first?

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Name: Ally Jacobs
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Her hair is closer to black than brown, and is also naturally curly. she is 5'6 in height which is very short for anyone in the Jacobs family.

* A slightly deeper shade of grey

She is very dedicated to her studies, and will let nothing get in her way of a proper education. She hates bullies and stands up for what she blieves in.

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Niran | 1842 comments Name: Jake Williams
Age: 17
Gender: Male


Personality: Jake is a pretty straightforward guy, he can tell you how it is bluntly or he can be the nicest person you know. Jake is a misunderstood teen, some people think of him as the 'bad boy' but he really isn't. Jake is kind of a sap when it comes to being a gentlemen and when it comes to love. He enjoys English Lit and loves Art.

Your picture of Ally didn't come up :(

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gimmie a minute

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fixed it! :)

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Niran | 1842 comments Yay! Aw she's pretty. Do you want to start? Or should I?

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i'll start.

Ally was outside of her first period class. There about 10 minutes until the bell rang, but she liked to arrive early. The teacher let her in and looked at her time table. She had been re-organized, so now she was stuck in this class. Not the exactly what she wanted, but that would not stop her from getting an A in this class. Ally sat down in front of the teachers desk as told. She hated sitting where the teacher could see her clearly. not that she had anything to hide, but it was in no way any fun. She took out a noteboom and pen and put them on her desk as she waited for more kids to come in and for the bell to ring.

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Niran | 1842 comments This day was possibly the hottest day of the summer year. Jake was in long shorts, a white west top and some converses. If it got any hotter he would be naked. His friends and him were hanging around Jakes SUV struck, most of them sat at the back and were laughing away while they were all in the schools parking lot. Jake looked around to see people outside and fanning themselves. That wouldn't help, it would only make them hotter. Jake leaned against his car and then decided to go into school. He waved his friends goodbye and went slowly to his locker.

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Ally looked at the clock. 5 minutes till the first bell. It seemed like eturnaty. she just wanted to get the day over with. After school she had to go to work, and then do all the homework. She always got homwork. She hated it, but part of being one of the top students, was to not let others know how much you despise a certain area of school. She sighed, wishing that the bell would ring faster so they could get started.

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Niran | 1842 comments Once Jake had gotten his books and what not from his locker, he headed to class. Just before he went in he saw the teacher and Ally. He didnt speak to her much, but she was always early to class, and she was always one of the best students. The class teacher looked at Jake and laughed," Well, well. Look who decided to show up early".
Jake laughed and said," I might as well,nothing better going on outside". Jake made his way to the back of the class.

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Ally turned around to look at who was at the door when the teacher spoke up. Jake. Most said that he was a bad boy, and some teachers seemed to have the same opinion about thim. Ally was not so sure. Everyone has a protective shell around them. She knew that she did. Thats why she was not one to judge. She turned back to the front of the room. 2 minutes. it felt like an hour away. Her thought back to Jake. They never really talked unless they absolutly had to. From what she knew, he was a pretty good student. Here thoughts turned back to what they would be doing today in class. She needed to stay on topic.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake glanced at Ally as he walked past her, he hadnt noticed her before. Probably because she was usually always quiet. Jake sat down in his seat and placed his books down, he tapped himself and found out he had forgotten his pen.
"Shit", he sighed under his breathe.
He looked up at Ally, and then looked away. He got up out of his seat and hesitantly went to Ally, he coughed nervously and then said," Urm, Ally? Ally right?".

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"Yeah. Jake right?" she said, surprised that they were talking considering that they never talked. "what's up?" she asked. Her voice was sweet, yet you could tell that she did not do a lot of socializing. She was quite curious for what he was going to say. She may not do a lot of talking herself, but she for some reason, loved to hear others talk.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake nodded with a soft nervous smile," Yeah Jake, urm, I was wondering if I could borrow a pen? I don't have mine with me". He had his hands in his pockets and he was rocking on his heels slightly. He had never talked to Ally but he could tell she felt awkward and kind of bothered.

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"Yeah, sure" she said. She took out her pencil case, and pulled out a blue ball point pen. She handed it to him. Apparently he was not to comfortable talking to her either.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake took the pencil and smiled at her softly," Thanks Ally, I'll give it back when the lesson is over with". The school bell finally rang for the lesson to begin, people were slowly coming into class. He smiled one last time at Ally and then went back to his seat.

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"no problem" she said before he left. FINALLY! the bell had rung. As everyone filed inton the class, and took their seats, the lesson started. T'was on chemisty. It was one for Ally's favourite subjects, but today, for some reason, she was already bored. Not only did she already know of this (because of reading ahead) but she was also slightly distracted by two firls whispering in the corner.

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Niran | 1842 comments Gah! Chemistry. Jake hated chemistry, well he hated school in general but there was some subjects he didnt mind. This, he couldn't bare.
But he had to pay attention, and he did, because he wanted to pass test. He wrote notes in his note book and looked ahead at the teacher. But he could hear whispering from somewhere, he decided to ignore it.

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The teacher was talking about some sort of project. great just what i need Ally though. He tol the class that he was going to MAKE partners, not let them choose for themselves. even better she thought. Could this day get any worse?

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake looked around as the teacher said he would put them in partners, most of his friends were in this class. But he didnt want to be with them, they were a distraction.
The teacher listed the people with who they were paired with, followed by some mumbling under the breathe, groaning and smiles.
"Ally anddd Jake".
Jake looked at Ally and smiled, friendly.

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Ally smiled. She hoped that this was a good choice. The teacher walked around the room with a hat full of topics. "the girls will draw what each pairs topic will be" he said. Since Ally was in front of the teachers desk, she drew first. "Electroplating. Interesting" said the teacher with a smile as he moved on. In about 5 minutes, everyone had partners and a topic. Just then, the bell rang for second period. "i want a rough copy of your project on Friday" he called as some of the kids started to file out of the class.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake sighed. By Friday? That was a bit rushed. He packed his things up and held them by his side, he walked to Ally's desk and laid the pen down," Thanks", he smiled.
Then he looked up to face her and asked," What's our project about, partner?". He hoped it wasn't anything too much, he wasnt much of a smart kid.

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She smiled and put the pen away, along with her notebook. "Electroplating." she said. "no the easiest one, but not too hard either" she said. Aka - 85/100 for how hard it was, but she did not say that. She had done this sort of thing before so, how hard could it be the second time around? "so how are we going to do this?" she asked Jake. They needed to either do it during lunch, or after school at the library, or at each others houses. She did not care which, just as long as they got the project done.

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Niran | 1842 comments Electroplating? What the hell was that? Jake could already tell this wasnt going to be easy for him. He leaned on Ally's desk and said truthfully," Ally, I should probably say this now, but I'm not the smartest guy. So I may something stupid here and there. Just nod along, answer whatever question I have and tell me what to do", Jake smiled slightly.
Then he sighed and said," How about we meet after school and go to the library?".

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"not a problem on both" she said with a smile. "and in case you were wondering" she said as she saw that he was puzzled on their topic. "is the process of desolving one metal into a solution, and then using that same solution, to coat another metal with" she said. It was as simple as she could say it. She sounded like a dictonary, but what ever. She ot up from her desk. "see you after school then" she said.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake was fascinated, by everything. By her and what she had: knowledge. He watched her get up nonchalantly then smiled slightly," Yeah see you". He looked around the empty class and then saw that Ally's pen that he had borrowed was still there. He got it quickly and said," Urm, Ally, your pen".

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"you can keep it" she said with a smile. "i've got plenty" she added. She shouldered her bag, and then left the classroom, headed to her next class. She liked how honest Jake had been with her. Not many people could do that.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake looked at Ally as she walked out the class, he smiled slightly and then looked down at the pen, putting it in his pocket. He grabbed his things from the table and walked out the class. His next glass was Math.
He was bad at that too. For some reason, he was kind of looking forward to his and Ally's project.

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Ally had just gone to English class. this was one of her favourite classes. Although, she was not too pleased to be told about another project, she was glad that it was not due for another month. That might actually leave some time to relax. After about another 2 hours of classes, and lessons, and homework, and presentations, the bell finally rang for lunch. Rather than having fun with her fiends, she just sat at their usual table and wrote all the homework for tomorrow, so she would have less to do at home. Her friends were beside her talking about boys. Who needed a boyfriend when there were so many other things to worry about?? Sometimes she did not understand her friends.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake and his friends usually sat in the middle of the cafeteria, that's the way it always was. Because they were titled as being 'popular kids', which jake despised and loathed.
Alec was his closest friend out of all the people in the cafeteria and school. Jake ate his lunch while he listened to Alec rant about his family issues, and Jake let him. Because jake knew his family life wasnt the best. Jake looked around nonchalantly and saw Ally, writing, as usual. He smiled slightly and then looked away.

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Ally's frinds were rather crazy. 2 of them had brough a microphone. "LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!" Yelled her friend Jessica. "MONIQA WILL NOW SING!" she add. Ally practically jumped out of her seat. it was so loud. Moniqa, who was a senior, got up on the table and sang an up beat song. Ally had to admit, her voice was really good. Jessica grabbed Ally's hands and said "Dance!" Ally's cheeks grew bright red, but then she noticed that a lot of others were singing along and dancing as well. Ally hated being the centre of attention, but thanks to her friends, she tended to be there a lot. Eventually Jessica got Ally to dance. Ally even ended up smiling and laughing. Katey, Ally's closest friend went to a neighboring table nd asked a guy to dance. Good for her. If only Ally was that cnfident. For some reson, all of this felt like a fntisy, even though her group of friend was known for such out busts of wierdness and fun.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake and Alec watched in amusement and entertainment as Ally and her friends started singing and dancing. The whole cafeteria was practically joining in with them. Jake drummed his hands against the table and then nodded his head as the girl sang the upbeat song. She was actually good. Jake saw Ally dancing and laughing, and having a good time all together, it made him smile and grin. Jake and Alec pretended to be playing air instruments and then laughed.

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Moniqa finished he first song, and moved on to one where 'Salsa' was a very appropriate dance. Ally and Jessica had taken salsa lessons before so, the were pretty good. Ally's smile reached her eyes, which tended to be a rare thing to see. Ally could not remember the last time she had had, fun. It seemed like a life time ago.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake watched Ally closely, his smile becoming a grin as he watched her enjoy herself and have fun with her friends. Alec followed Jakes eyes and then saw he was looking at a girl, Alec nudged Jake with a sly smile on his face. "Its not like that,genius", Jake rolled his eyes and then looked back at Ally.
"Looks like its exactly that to me", Alec remarked, looking down with a smug expression.
"Dude, we just met", Jake said, continuing to look at Ally, then he looked away.

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The principal walked in. Moniqa had not noticed yet, because now she was walking around while singing. When Ally saw the principal, she new Moniqa would get in major trouble. Ally also knew that if Moniqa got in trouble on more time, she would be suspended. She hurried over to Moniqa and took the mic from her, and motioned for her to duck. The principla got there just in time to see Ally holding the microphone. "Ally?" Asked the principal surprised. She could tell that he was surprised, and disappointed. "office" he added. Ally's cheeks were really red now. She gave the mic to Jessica, and followed the principal out. How embarrassing, but at least Moniqa won't get suspended.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake and Alec were just jamming to the singing and everyone being smiling and laughing. Until the principle came into the cafeteria.
"Oh shit", Alec mumbled.
Jake just turned to see Ally's face turned red, she was the one that was going to get into trouble. Jakes eyes followed her as she walked out the cafeteria with her head hung down in embarrassment. Jake was kind of...impressed, that she would stick her neck out that much to save her friend.

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For the next hour, Ally was lectured about how a student of her makings should not take part in such shanaigans. The darn principal even called her mom, who was not at all pleased. When she was finally alowed to head back to class, she was told that through the entire lecture, she had missed an entire class and would have extra homework for it. She had a spear this period so she headed to the library early to to do her 'extra' homework.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake had skipped his other classes after lunch, he could not be bothered with listening to the teacher or the bickering students. So instead he went to the back of the school building where the bleachers were, he sat there with his headphones in and his hands in his pockets.
He decided that since he had lots of unfinished homework, he decided to go the library. He got up and walked away from the bleachers.
He wondered what happened to Ally and if she was okay.

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Ally was nealry finished all her extra math homework. another 20 minutes or so, and maybe she would be done. She hated math, yet found it very easy. There only a few kids l]in the library which made it quite quiet. a good thing for Ally.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake wondered into the library, only a few people were here. Which meant it was quiet, and that was a very good thing. He walked into the library and gave the librarian a smile and a nod. He walked down to where the study area was and saw Ally. He grinned and then started to walk up behind her slowly.

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Ally was so into her work, that she had not senced anyone behind here. She did that a lot. Focus on things a bit to hard, and then completly space out from the rest of the world.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake slowly crept up behind her, making sure his footsteps where as quiet as silence. He finally reached her and before he opted to scared her, he lifted his hands just behind and above her shoulders.
Suddenly he grabbed her shoulders.

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She screamed, and tumbled out of her chair. "OHMYSWEETGOODNESS" she panted out. Her heart was racing. The librarian gave her a diapproving look. "Gosh, Jake you scared me" she said after she regained her composure.

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Niran | 1842 comments Jake burst out with laughter, he was holding his stomach from how much his abs were flexing and how much he was laughing. " I'm so sorry", Jake laughed," I didnt know it would affect you that much". Jake outstretch a hand to her and wiggled his eyebrows.

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She rolled her eyes, but took his hand. When she got up, she packed away her homework. "not very funny when your on the other side of the prank. Gave me a bloody heart attack" she said seiously, although she knew that she must have looked rediculous.

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