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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 49 comments Mod
What trait best describes the protagonist in your independent reading book?

Please consult your rubric and models to ensure that you are doing your best work!

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide context of what is happening in the text, so my reader understands what I’m talking about?
• Find a direct quote from the text that proves my idea?
• Thoroughly explain the significance of my quote/how it proves my idea?
• Check for correct punctuation and spelling?

message 2: by Aaron (last edited Mar 19, 2013 02:26PM) (new)

Aaron | 29 comments In Mike Lupica's realistic fiction novel "The Bat Boy," the trait that describes my protagonist, Brian, is determined. He is determined that he and his team will never lose a major league game again. Brian cannot feel that kind of guilt haunting him ever again. Ever since Brian lost his major league game, his dad hasen't been talking to him and he also has been leaving the house without anyone knowing. For example, on page 141 it says, "Dad, you don't have to." "No,I do. I'm sorry about the way I left,sorry that I haven't called or written back or anything." This shows that Brian's dad is sorry for the way he acted and Brian promises that he will never lose another game aganin. Therefore, the best trait that fits my protagonist is determined.

message 3: by Ilijah (new)

Ilijah A | 40 comments In J.Tolkiens fiction book "Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers" a trait that best describes Frodo is that he is brave. He is brave because he takes on all of these challenges that is in his way.He has to get the ring to Mordor and it is very dangerous but he is determine to get it there. Frodo, along with his friend Sam are both risking their lives but they pull through ad keep on moving until they reach their destination.

message 4: by Bryan (new)

Bryan | 41 comments In L. Divines realistic fiction book "Drama High: The Fight" one trait that describes Jayd Jackson is that she is strong. The reason that she's strong is because that when her boyfriend, KJ, broke up with her, she refuses to let that get in the way, and decided to never think or mention about him again. She has nothing to do with him or his game playing, so she through all that away.

message 5: by Wesley (new)

Wesley | 50 comments In Michael Scott’s fictional novel, The Alchemyst, the trait that best fits one of my protagonists, Josh is unselfish. In this novel the twins, Josh and Sophie, Flammel and Scathach are traveling to Yggdrasil, a hotel in a tree where everything is wood, to meet Hekate the goddess of 3 faces. When they are traveling there, Dee attacked them with golems that attacked them earlier in the book. Josh states “We should help” (71). This quote shows how Josh was trying to help Flammel and Scatty fight even thought they do not have any powers. If I didn't have powers I would be very scared, but I would still help him. A selfish person would not even try to help, they would run and hide. Therefore the best trait that describes Josh is unselfish.

message 6: by Corey (new)

Corey | 43 comments In C.S.Lewis fiction book, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" a trait that best describe Lucy is worried. Lucy is always worrying about her cousin.Her cousin just learned about Narnia. Narnia is a new place they found on the first book. "That boy is always at trouble and we wont know what would happen with him,"This proves how worry Lucy is with her cousin. Lucy, Edmund, Lucy, and their cousin goes in the ship in Narnia. Therefore, a trait that best describes Lucy is worried.

message 7: by Andy (new)

Andy Chen | 44 comments In Alison Pollet's realistic fiction novel, The Pity Party, the trait that best describes Cass would be anxious. Cass, a 13 year old girl, has been dealing with tough decisions in her life, as well as being an orphan because her parents died from a car accident. I would describe Cass as anxious because whenever there is an issue that she is involved in, she starts to go out of control and start feeling nothing but anxious. Cass once stated, "I started to shiver. I was ripping and biting my nails. I felt dizzy, as if I was about to pass out. Why is Penelope and Tillie both in the same class, but not me? I'm starting to think this world is out to get me"(34). This quote shows Cass is an anxious person because of how she had to make a big deal about not being in the same class with her two best friends. Therefore, this is why I chose thos trait that best describes Cass.

message 8: by Kenjo (new)

Kenjo | 41 comments In Shaquille o'Neal's autobiography book, Shaq Uncut, a trait that best describes Shaq is mutli-talented. Shaquille o'Neal was an amazing NBA player who had been first drafted out of college by the Orlando Magic. Before his career, ended in total he had played on 6 different teams and had made an impact on most of them. Shaq was raised by a mother and step father. His biological father had left and he had never known him. One of the reasons Shaq was able to get to the NBA is because of his step father. He was always pushing Shaq to take it to the next level and gain confidence for the game. In the book, Shaq stated, people thought I wasn't focusing enough on basketball and that I should not be rapping, training to be a police officer and playing in the NBA at the same time." This quote shows that Shaq was a multi talented person with the ability to play in the NBA while recording for albums while training to be a police officer. Even with all of those jobs in his hand, he still found time for working out and playing his best in NBA games. Therefore, Shaquille o'Neal is a multi talented person with the ability to do just about anything he desires.

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