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What did you think of the book when you first started reading it?

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Monica Idec When I first started reading The Host, it was hard to really get into at first. But once I passed about a hundred pages I knew that I couldn't put it down. Once I got sucked into the world of the book it was hard for me to get out. All the challenges they faced were so well thought out and the love of triangle was also an interesting aspect to the book. At the end when everything found its place I hadn't seen it coming but I thought that it was a great ending. I also liked that it kept me thinking about the characters after the book ended and let me form my own future for them. This was a fantastic book!

Kristin I also found it difficult to get interested in. But I forced myself through because I hate not knowing what the end of the story is. I am glad I stuck with it. It was a slow start. But, I ended up being captivated by the end. I read this book a few years ago and still I find myself thinking about it from time to time (even before a movie was made). Good read. I wonder how the movie will compare (although I seem to think the book is always better).

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood I thought it was hard to get into it to at frist.but after the first 100 pages i couldn't put it down! I just had to find out what happened to them!

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Miniwriter12 I'm on the beginning right now.. Must. Concentrate.

Esty It was very hard to get into, but once I got into it the story seemed to flow and I was hooked i can't wait to see if the movie does the book justice.

Zhanaestilinski I think I read the same page over and over again with this really glazed over look on my face. The only question in my mind was: what is a Healer Ford? But once she hits the desert it definitely picks up big time. Great pay off in the end, I'm glad I stuck it through.

Sarah Jean I attempted to read it like.. four times on PDF. But it really bores me.. plus it's a little confusing at first. But when I bought my own paperback, geez. I had to bring it everywhere to finish it. Cause every page you read, makes it hard for you to let it go for a minute. I really wish the movie gives it more than the justice it deserves.

Halle "Holy Hell, Wanderer is such a hypocrite. I hope Mel takes over permanently. Wanderer deserves to room with the Seeker." But that opinion eventually changed.

Katie I wasnt into it at first but i cheated and read a couple last pages, which i have a habit of So after reading the last couple pages i decided to keep going with it and i ended up reading it in 3 or 4 days.
Sadly the movie is not looking like i expected it. i havent seen it yet but its just not playing out right in my

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Avani It wasn't that it was difficult for me to get into, exactly... for me, it was hard to understand what was going on (at least for me) when I began the book. I was very confused during the beginning of the book, but as I continued reading, comprehension began to dawn on me.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood okay so i dont know were else to post this so im just going to do it here.. who thinks just by the adds for the movie that it's not really going to add up to the book?

Natasha Bartley I loved it. I think it tells both sides of the story well, you start to feel for both of the main characters. It was an easy read, even in my hectic life that I barely find time to do anything. Regardless to whether it lives up to the book, I am well looking forward to the movie!

Makayla I was really confused at the beginning, but that only drew me in to figure out what was going on. I did have trouble getting in to the first chapters, but once it got going I could not find it in me to put the book down. I wanted Mel to completely take over in the beginning, but by the end I was really rooting for both of them to have a happy ending. For its crazy beginning; it really was an amazing book. The previews for the movie have me worried though. It doesn't look like it's really going to follow the plot well. I can't wait to see it and find out. Really hoping I'm wrong.

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Karen Oponda I got confused. Found it hard to keep on track of the story line. Yes, the name are too fictitious and sounds cool. I even thought of a name if I was in that kind of world. :D Luckily, given the extra time to read, I got hooked up in the story. I burned the midnight oil just to keep the journey of Wanda (being directed by the very bossy Melanie). I do hope that this coming adaption of The Host will justify the extreme adventures of the main characters. Especially, the Seeker, and the people in the cave.

Veronica Leah wrote: "It took a while to set up the book but aftet a hundred pages I just couldn't stop reading. I was really worried how it was going to work out but some how it did. Can't wait until the sequel comes o..."

yeah it was slow in the beginning. I so cant wat for the sequel eithe im happy (view spoiler) If the do a movie on that one i so wonder what he is gonna look like!

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Melissa At first it was kind of hard to get into, and I didn't really understand it. But after awhile I got really into it and it became my favorite book!

Sarah At the start the book doesnt really grab you.I kinda had to force myself to read for most of the beginning because my sister really wanted me too,but once they get to the cave the book pulls you in and doesnt let go and after finishing it i reread it 3 or so times.

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Giselle never finished was moving to slow for me and was kinda boring, which is odd for me cause i like things like this.

Swati Murmu it was really frustrating reading this book at first because i was not able to understand the story.and with those weird names like FORDS DEEP WATERS the story got really irritating.but something about the book and the way it was written kept me going.maybe it was curiosity or just because i love meyer's other works.but when the story started making sense believe it or not i read it continuously till midnight everyday.after the first reading i read once again from the beginning and then only was everything very clear.even till today i swear i would pick any page of this awesome book and start reading it the whole night long.

blackmarketfungi At first, I was worried. Mainly, because I was scared that the book would be a waste of money. Then, I started reading it and was so confused. I will say that once I started reading it, after the first few chapters, i couldn't put the book down.

Ilana it's interesting to see all of your POVs on the book. i remember reading it and i was surprised at the dynamic of the story and the contrast to the style that we saw from the twilight series. i had expectations i think that it would be a similar tone or writing style and i feel like we got a decent back story and some great descriptive scenes that it made it really enjoyable to me.

hemazy percy Monica wrote: "When I first started reading The Host, it was hard to really get into at first. But once I passed about a hundred pages I knew that I couldn't put it down. Once I got sucked into the world of the b..."
yeah it is true. It was so boring at the beginning that I couldn't keep my eyes open more than for 3 pages !!!

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K.C. It was really hard to get into at first and there were also times where it was too mushy for me and it felt like Melanie/Wanda were helpless without Jared and I hated that. But as I got more into the book the characters really developed and I began to love most of them. Overall it was a really good book. 4/5 stars from me.

Haidi I was hooked within the first 20 pages I think. I didn't find it "hard" or "boring" at all. This book was a wonderful read, one of my favourite books in a long time.

Tamara Figueroa It starts out slow, but when Melanie and Wanda go to the wild human's hide out, it picked up speed.

Audrey well I think its very boring in the beginning part I even stop reading it! (but continue it after watch the movie) but when I read the last quarter of the book I get exiting and finish it...
and I would say the movie wont satisfy me at all compare to the book and its not that bad at all

Coleen It was hard and a bit confusing. I was even supposed to quit reading it but then I just continued for me to get over with the book. But then I ended up rereading the book and crying and laughing and just loving it. Well, I'm weird that way. ;)

Sky Rose Reviews I can't say I had any strong emotions towards it. I read it in one sitting so it was readable enough but in the end none of it stuck in my head but having read the Twilight series I have to say Meyer has stepped up her game when it comes to her heroins.

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Alice I actually stopped reading it the first time because I found it boring.

But then I watched the movie, and it was AMAZING, so I reread the book and LOVED IT. Max Irons = Jared Howe = Very happy reader :P

Rachel  (APCB Reviews) The book was really hard to get into at first. I'm ashamed to admit, but I skipped the whole fist part of the book until Wanderer was in the store getting water, about to look for Uncle Jeb's hideout in the desert.

Pranshu This was such an amazing book! I started reading this when I was in Biology and I got the chills. The whole concept was just so interesting and well-thought out. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that it's been 5 YEARS and she still hasn't released a sequel.

Lynne Stringer The Host does seem to be difficult for some at the start, although I always found it interesting at the beginning as we experience our world through Wanda's eyes and see what the world of the Souls was like. I am looking forward to the sequel, which she is apparently working on now.

Isabelle I loved it at the beginning, but I couldn't stop reading when they got to the compound.

Victoria Vivian Victorino At first, it's difficult to understand. But after a hundred of pages, I couldn't stop reading. It was soo cool!

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Ratri Anugrah It was hard to understand. It was kinda boring too. I haven't finished it and I'm not planning to.

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Lynne Stringer I guess it's not everyone's cup of tea. But then, what is? That's why it's good to have diversity.

Isabelle I was like "eh it's okay," but when they got to this compound in caves I was like "omg so cool."

Mazar it was hard to get into at first but once i got into it i was hooked omg im in love

Ashley Radder I'm not a fan. of Twilight and that's what i thought this book was going to be, another Twilight. But after weeks of my friends telling me how good the book was i finally disided to read The Host.I really was suprised by it, the writing style was good but what i really imjoyed about the book was how the book made me feel. Reading the book i went through so many emotions both good and bad. I was glad it was not one of those books that's just about some girl and some boy and there undying love. It had some romance, violence, and most important a plot. I thought it was a great touch that both sides of the table was brought through, both Wanda and Meline.
As said in the book by Wanda "love is a strong emotion that we use to discribe everything" so i can't say i love this book because to me it was more than that it was somthing special.

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Mona I found it very difficult to get through and thought it lacked something but i couldn't put my finger on it. The middle of the book quite frankly bored me but the end was okay.

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