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Damian Damian Damian...what are you hiding?

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Ilana You have to love the twists and turns that authors take when writing books that are forever going to be compared to 50 Shades. What is the lead male going to do for a profession, what are his demons and what is the lead female hiding from as well?

My question for you though is what are your thoughts on what Damian is hiding? We know that he's to be believed on some things (TRYING to avoid spoilers here)....

but with Carl's entrance in one of the last scenes, it makes you wonder what's really going on and what's to hide. How does Carl know anything anyway? that's yet another one of my questions.

so...what are your thoughts? does it have to do with childhood abuse and a past coach? is it his father and there's a good story there? we know how icy DS gets when his father is mentioned.....

Does Evelyn know all this stuff and help out in some way? i'm assuming that Nikki will go running to her at some point in the next installment of the trilogy

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Milkmaid21 I just finished the book yesterday. One of my questions is what or who is in Paris?

Natasna I am reading the ARC of Claim Me and the secrets continue and I am currently guessing at what he could be hiding.

Ilana i can't wait until next week when it's out :) i love when there are mysteries behind major characters. gives you a reason to keep coming back!

Arlene Mcintosh Can't wait to read the 2nd one

Natasna Oh people get ready for a roller coaster

Ilana Natasna wrote: "Oh people get ready for a roller coaster"

that makes me really excited! my dilemma is this now - i have 2 books that i've been waiting on to come out on the same day (TOMORROW) - which to read first!!!!

Victoria SO excited about Claim Me coming out tomorrow!!!

~Kimberly I LOVE this trilogy & I LOVEEE DAMIEN STARK ;)))

Alexia -- I think his secret is that his coach sexually abused him because from the things Carl said about Damian secrets thats the best i can co,e up with

Maria Costantino I reading second part of the book from what I can read Nik saying about him and coach sexually abused. I think that is what Carl is also talking about.

I need get the last book, really enjoying this books.

Linda Jordan Just finished the first book, so NEED the next in the trilogy but still waiting from the library! Might just have to re-read some parts till then.

Tasheyd I just started the 2nd book...gotta love ereaders and free books on the internet! ;-)
I'm dying for my ride home so I can see what happens next. If Damien's secret is that he was abused, I'm not going to be happy. The way Nikki decided that he was abused and that's why he has control issues is way too much of a generalization! I really hope they don't go that route.

Linda Jordan Great trilogy. Would love a fourth book to see them off into their future.

Cindy Awesome Trilogy...Damien is HOT!

Michelle °O° There is a novella about their wedding Take Me and Jamie has her own book too Tame Me

Linda Jordan I am waiting, somewhat impatiently to get my hands on a copy of both books Michelle. Might just have to read it via kindle on the lap top.

Deborah Camp Go ahead and buy the books! Support your favorite authors. If you like what they've written, invest a little money in them. This is how we make our livings, folks! I don't regret one penny I spent on these books. Even though I wasn't crazy about Take Me, I was glad to read it. Haven't read Tame Me, but I'm going to buy it and read it soon.

Luvvy I loved the Stark Trilogy and would suggest anyone to read it!

Cindy I read them all, loved it.....Damien hot hot

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Bruingal I don't know what took me so long to start this. I'm listening to the trilogy and I am currently in the middle of Complete me. I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish the series. Damian and Nikki have become friends of mine :). I listen to some books on my iPod in my car. So I only hear it while I'm driving so it takes me a while to get through them. I've been listening to this trilogy for a month now and will finish it soon. I already miss them. Nikki and Damian have been fabulous characters and I've enjoyed their journey. I loved Damian and Nikki just as much as I did Eva and Gideon.

Monicaclarice Ilana wrote: "You have to love the twists and turns that authors take when writing books that are forever going to be compared to 50 Shades. What is the lead male going to do for a profession, what are his demo..."

Evelyn's step-brother is in town. The next book in the series comes out in November! Can't wait!!!

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