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Charmee Penner | 11 comments Mod
WELCOME! Hello everyone! I hope that you are enjoying your time at E-xtraordinary E-reads! I'm Charmee (the moderator) :) To Get to know everyone here why don't we answer three questions about ourself! I'll go first!

1. Favorite animal!?
2. Favorite Genre!?
3. What would you like to see happening in this bookclub/ what can I do to make it better!? :)

Charmee's Answers!
1. My favorite animals are horses! They have been since I was very little, I have been blessed with the oportunity to own two.
2. I read almost every genre, but I am working on reading more classics. My favorite would have to be Historical Fiction and Science Fiction.
3. Hmm Well I would love to see more people in this bookclub! The more the better! So ask you friends! One thing that I am trying to do better is asking my fellow members what they would like to see, or what I could do better!

Your sugestions are greatly appriciated!

message 2: by C. (last edited Apr 24, 2013 12:49PM) (new)

C. New here.I love my Kindle Touch!
Hi,I just looked at several books today[and purchased two] that are only available on Kindle.

Since I just found goodreads a few days ago and think it is a really great source for readers to share books titles and converse about books,naturally I came to see if there is a section for E-reads.

I am surprised that it has so few members,but I don't expect that will be the case for long!

Anyway, I wanted to add those new book finds to the bookshelves,but I have not read them yet.There are both very different from each other,and that's the kind of reader I am. I like many genres,and non fiction/ bios/memoirs as well.

Happy Reading Everyone!

ETA: OOPS- It's set so "Only moderators of this group can add books"!

Well here are the names of them~
Aladdin's Samovar [Kindle Edition] by Lauren Sweet,280 pgs $2.99-purchased 4/24/13

Hope's Daughter(The Ambrosia Sequence) [Kindle Edition] by Melanie Cusick-Jones, 314 pgs- $2.99

The Book by M. Clifford (Paperback - March 18, 2010)[Kindle Edition]314 pgs -$2.99-purchased-4/24/13]

1) favorite animal- dogs & cats
2) favorite genre- most
3) what I would like to see here- more topic/discussion folders,such as what do readers love most about eReaders,and I would like to see the setting changed for everyone to be able add Ebooks to the bookshelves.

I am very sorry to say that none of my friends/family are readers,or I would ask them all to come to goodreads!

message 3: by Charmee (new)

Charmee Penner | 11 comments Mod
Hey Christine!
I most definatly will change the settings so that more than just the moderator can add books! Sounds like you are really enjoying your e-reader! Thats Great!

message 4: by Charmee (new)

Charmee Penner | 11 comments Mod
Christine I have added the to books that you have suggested t our bookshelf! :)

message 5: by C. (new)

C. Hi Charmee,That's great,and yes,I am definitely a Kindle convert.It's great to be able to hold my 'book' with one hand and not have to worry about it closing on me,or the text being too small or faded to read.

message 6: by Charmee (new)

Charmee Penner | 11 comments Mod
Yuppers! I feel the same way! I really enjoy eliraries! The amount of books that are there just astounds me every time, having an ereader I find saves me so much time! If im done a book it is so much quicker to get a book over the Internet than going to the store, especially when the nearest book store for me is an hour away

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